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Short courses

ZSC001 Foundation Science for the Health Professions (Non-Award)

Not available to international students.



Estimated completion time: 0.5 year/s

Each unit is designed to take approximately two days, with the entire course able to be completed over about 2 weeks.

* - Student Visa holders must study internally full time

CDU Reference
Vocational Education & Training
Occupation types
General Education - Not Occupationally Specific
Area of study
Health and Nursing

This course provides students with a foundation in Human Anatomy, Physiology, Biology, Mathematics and Chemistry. These topics are delivered in separate units and are intended to introduce students to content that will be beneficial when undertaking tertiary health qualifications.

During the units, the students will:

  • be introduced to medical terms and language that are central to human anatomy
  • revise the basic bodily functions performed by different organs and systems
  • explore biological principles of health and disease from the cellular level
  • broaden their understanding of the periodic table and concepts of chemistry
  • learn about basic mathematic concepts used in medical calculations.

Each unit within this course is intended for students preparing to enrol in the Bachelor level health qualifications at Charles Darwin University. This foundational course has been specifically developed to ensure that students who have not already undertaken tertiary studies in this discipline will gain familiarity with content that is relevant to their undergraduate health programs. This course is also aimed at students for whom some time has elapsed since completing studies in senior secondary subjects.

The course includes five units:

  • Human Anatomy
  • Physiology
  • Biology
  • Medical Mathematics
  • Foundations in Chemistry

Learning outcomes are specified in each unit. The focus is on the development of understanding of the above-mentioned topics, as they relate to the study of nursing. Students can elect to complete all or some of the five units in any order. The content delivered in each unit stands alone, offering students the flexibility to select the units based on individual preferences. However, it is recommended that students are likely to benefit from completing the entire course. Each unit is designed to take approximately two days, with the entire course able to be completed over about 2 weeks.

Credit transfers and pathways

Skills recognition

Skills recognition is not applicable to this course. CDU's short courses are highly targeted courses designed to help you improve a specific skill. They will help you improve your career prospects, maintain currency in your field, or allow you to try out something completely new.


VET to Higher Education Pathway Mapping for completed Awards in the same field or discipline. <br />

Entry requirements

There are no entry requirements for this course.

All VET International applicants are required to meet the English language proficiency for their chosen course of study.


This is a non-award course and a Statement of Participation will be issued for units completed.

Additional information

Location and study mode

Locations: Online

Contact details Phone: (08) 8946 7766 or 1800 061 963 (free call).

Course structure

To complete the Foundation Science for the Health Professions (Non-Award) course a total of five (5) units may be completed as detailed below. Students may elect to study one, two or all units available depending on individual requirements.


Code Unit Title Value
ZSCNUR001 Human Anatomy 16
ZSCNUR002 Physiology 16
ZSCNUR003 Biology 16
ZSCNUR004 Medical Mathematics 16
ZSCNUR005 Foundations of Chemistry 16
  Total 80



Course fees

Domestic Students
Individual unit fees are $363.00 per unit (incl GST).
Total course fees are $1,815.00 if all 5 units are undertaken (5 x $363.00 per unit (incl GST)).

International Students

Apply for ZSC001 Foundation Science for the Health Professions (Non-Award) short course.

International students

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There is no application fee when you apply online.

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