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Reskill or upskill 100% online

CDU is offering seven Undergraduate Certificates, and eight Graduate Certificates, each comprised of three or four university-level units (or subjects).

The short courses will be delivered over one semester – starting in July and finishing in December 2020. While not compulsory, some of the undergraduate courses allow you to study one subject in June so you can get a head start.

There has never been a more important time to gain the credentials to boost your career. Together, we will build a new world.

What is an Undergraduate Certificate?

The Undergraduate Certificate is a new qualification that has been added to the Australian Qualification Framework to ensure that you receive a formally recognised qualification.

CDU’s Undergraduate Certificates are comprised of individual units that create a recognised qualification in a discipline area considered strategically significant to the Government at this time.

Students who complete the Undergraduate Certificate will be able to gain entry into most CDU undergraduate degree programs. Once you have completed the discounted Undergraduate Certificate, you can continue to study towards a full-length degree, having already completed the first semester.

What is a Graduate Certificate?

A Graduate Certificate is a more specialised qualification designed for students who have completed an undergraduate program and want to gain more in-depth knowledge and advanced qualifications.

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  • Healthy Body

    Undergraduate Certificate (Health Science)

    Launch your career in health sciences and open a pathway into higher education courses across a range of health science disciplines. Gain a strong foundation to help you transition from your current field to study advanced topics in anatomy, physiology and Indigenous health.

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    Indigenous Knowledge at CDU

    Undergraduate Certificate (Languages)

    Learn about language studies, language acquisition, and cultural intelligence and train in a language of your choice. Our unique language offering includes Indigenous languages, such as Yolngu Matha, Arrernte and Bininj Kunwok, as well as, Chinese, Indonesian, and Modern Greek.

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    Three students inspecting a project

    Undergraduate Certificate (Architecture)

    Prepare for a career in architecture by learning the underlying concepts of architectural design. Emerge with the confidence to pursue further study in with units designed to support you regardless of educational background.

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    Teacher with a student

    Undergraduate Certificate (Remote Educators)

    Kickstart your career in education with the knowledge and skills to support remote educators. Get equipped with a qualification to pursue further study through the Diploma of Education Studies, Bachelor of Early Childhood, Bachelor of Primary and Bachelor of Secondary.

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    Engineering student at CDU

    Undergraduate Certificate (Engineering Science)

    Set yourself up for a new career with introductory units designed to develop the necessary skills and knowledge in the foundations of engineering. Undertake study in the field of electrical engineering, gain project management skills, and establish a strong foundation of mathematical concepts.

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    IT at CDU VET

    Undergraduate Certificate (Information Technology)

    Start your journey to becoming an IT professional. Build foundational knowledge through individual units in effectively communicating technical concepts, enhancing your cultural intelligence, computer software and statistics.

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    Environmental science at CDU

    Undergraduate Certificate (Environmental Science)

    Kickstart your career in environmental science with a university recognised across the globe for environmental research. Transition from your current career with foundational subjects in communicating technology, earth systems, fire ecology and management, and biological studies.

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  • Woman smiling and working on a drawing tablet

    Graduate Certificate Digital Learning Futures (NEW)

    Prepare for the next wave of digital transformation in education. Lead and implement digital technologies in all aspects of teaching and learning. This course is suited to those working or aiming to work in educational settings, creative industries, software development, learning design, e-learning and related fields.

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    Scientist wearing PPE holding a test tube

    Graduate Certificate of Infectious Disease Prevention and Control (NEW)

    Get introduced to core concepts and skills in infectious disease prevention and control, including epidemiology, statistical research methods, and quantitative analysis of health data. Students will explore key public health principles and practices aimed at preventing illness and protecting health in the community.

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    male and female pot graduate nursing students

    Graduate Certificate in Clinical Nursing

    Enhance your existing clinical knowledge as a registered nurse or registered midwife and build capacity to move into further study and research.

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    Graduate Certificate of Clinical Facilitation

    Supplement your experience as a registered nurse or registered midwife with the skills to plan, implement and evaluate on-going facilitation when involved with the delivery of clinical education.

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    Humanitarian, Emergency and Disaster Management

    Graduate Certificate of Emergency and Disaster Management

    Gain the essential knowledge and skills required to manage all phases of the disaster management cycle. You will be able to respond to an emergency incident appropriately, collaboratively and productively.

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    Female post graduate nursing student

    Graduate Certificate of Health Services Management

    Extend knowledge gained through your undergraduate health studies degree and prepare for management within the healthcare sector. You will explore delivery processes, critical reflection on own decision-making processes, and the effects of policy and politics on health care provision and access.

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    Graduate Certificate of Maternal Critical Care

    Extend your knowledge as a registered nurse or registered midwife with maternity clinical practice and advanced theoretical skills in obstetrical and gynaecological critical care.

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How much do these courses cost?

Extensive discounts of between 47% and 62% have been applied to these short courses.

Courses cost between $1250 and $2500.


To access these courses at the heavily discounted rate, you must:

  • be an Australian citizen or permanent resident studying in Australia
  • study full-time and complete all units by December 2020
  • study all units online
  • not have previously commenced this course at CDU (discounted fees only apply to new student course enrolments).

To access the HE Loans Program (HELP) and defer fee-payment, you must:

  • be an Australian citizen, or a New Zealand Special Category Visa (SCV) holder or permanent humanitarian visa holder and meet the residency requirements
  • study your course in Australia
  • submit the Request for Commonwealth support and HECS-HELP form to CDU by the census date
  • be enrolled in each unit/subject at CDU by the census date.

Please note your enrolment will be charged at the standard rate, without a discount, if you:

  • enrol to study part-time in 2020, or
  • enrol to study on campus in 2020, or
  • do not complete your course by December 2020 and need to repeat some units in 2021 (standard rates applied only to those units repeated in 2021).

    How to apply

    For Undergraduate Certificates:

    • Apply through SATAC (South Australian Tertiary Admissions Centre). SATAC will require you to register as an applicant and will send you an acknowledgement email with a link to access your online application.
    • SATAC has waived the application fee, so no costs apply.

    For Graduate Certificates:

    • Check the entry requirements listed on the course detail pages, linked above
    • Apply through SATAC or UAC (application fees will apply).


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