University Operations

University Operations

The primary role of University Operations is to facilitate the University's goals, as stated in the Strategic Plan 2015-2025, and activities, through pro-active management and responsible leadership in the efficient acquisition and use of resources.

University Operations encompasses the following:

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The Office of Facilities Management is responsible for managing the University’s estates, including infrastructure, assets and the delivery of a suite of facilities services to support the achievement of the University’s strategic plan.  This includes repairs and maintenance, cleaning, fleet management, grounds, venue hire, and energy management.  Contact us with any questions about these services.

The Major Projects Office is responsible for the planning, construction and refurbishment of buildings and infrastructure (>$300K) on all campuses of the university.

Services provided

  • Input into funding submissions – the major projects office staff can assist with preparing funding submissions by providing high level costs and construction estimates and timelines.
  • Preparation of conceptual plans and feasibility studies.
  • Planning and construction of approved major buildings and infrastructure.
  • Project management of major capital projects (Projects of $300,000 and above).

Planning and construction

The Major Projects Office provides a range of planning and construction services to enable University staff to meet the University's Strategic objectives on all campuses.

Project management services

The Major Project Office is responsible for the continuous management of the University's Capital Projects for Casuarina, Alice Springs, Katherine and the smaller regional centres.

The Project Office can provide advice on provision of new facilities and buildings as well as managing the refurbishment of existing campus facilities and infrastructure.

All Projects are project managed using a combination of internal resources and external consultants.

The major projects office also manages dealings in University land including development of same.


Location: Red 6.1.40 - 6.1.48


Senior Manager Major Projects
(Superintendent for all Projects)
Tom Lacey

T: 08 8946 6114

F: 08 8946 7709


Project Admin Officer

Vivien Dowling

T: 08 8946 6862
F: 08 8946 7709


The Office of Marketing (OM) team plans, develops and implements the corporate functions at Charles Darwin University. These include corporate brand management, student recruitment marketing, advertising, faculty and course promotion, and web management.

OM is responsible for tailoring the University's message to a variety of audiences ― government, corporate, consumer and community.

The team works closely with members of University management and also school and division heads, including University Operations, Student Services and the International Office, to ensure activities in the domestic and international sectors are supported by targeted and effective plans consistent with the University's goals.

ITMS is responsible for the provision of information technology and communication systems to all stakeholders including staff, student and faculty groups.

develops, implements and maintains information systems ranging from small unit orientated systems to major strategic enterprise systems.

These developments are planned and executed in accordance with CDU policy and processes and government and regulatory requirements.

Student Administration and Equity Services (SAES) manages all aspects of Higher Education admissions, enrolments, progression and fees.  Across the Higher Education and VET sectors, SAES administer scholarships, student records, the University Cashier, examinations and timetabling.

SAES operates the Information Centres and University Switchboards at both the Casuarina and Alice Springs campuses.

SAES provides system set up support for the student system, the development and operation for the Student Management System (Callista) and coordinates the University's graduation ceremonies.

SAES provides student counselling and a careers and employment service. Additionally they provide accommodation and disabilities services to both staff and students at the University.  SAES hosts the National Disability Liaison Officer in the Northern Territory.

The Office of People and Capability (OPC) is responsible for the development of human resource strategies, and the implementation programs related to workforce relations, planning and development, and health and safety compliance across all campuses and remote area groups. OHRS also delivers recruitment and payroll business services.

The Office of Library Services (OLS) provides high quality information resources, services and facilities to support the learning, teaching and research needs of the Charles Darwin University community. Recognising the importance of the online environment, OLS makes accessible relevant resources in all formats, provides a flexible and dynamic information literacy program and a research support service for staff and students, maintains eSpace, the University’s institutional repository of research outputs, and provides a range of physical learning spaces for students.

The Office of Business Services oversees Accommodation Services, CDU Bookshop, Childcare Centre, Uniprint and CDU Amenities.

Emergency management provides information on what to do before, during and after emergency situations for staff, students and visitors.