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Facilities Management operates Charles Darwin University's fleet of vehicles and is tasked with ensuring they are safe, reliable, fit-for-purpose and managed efficiently.  This includes specialised and high-use vehicles allocated to a specific team or department, and pools of vehicles at various campuses available for short term hire.

All new Charles Darwin University passenger vehicles must meet a five star ANCAP safety rating.

Vehicles are maintained to manufacturer specifications based on time and mileage intervals (whichever comes first).

Fleet size is balanced to meet University demand whilst ensuring sufficient use of vehicles.  This means that vehicles are typically turned over every three to five years, helping to keep the fleet up-to-date and reliable.

Charles Darwin University has been an early adopter of vehicles with the latest environmental sustainability measures.   In 2008 the University procured its first hybrid vehicle, followed in 2011 by the second all-electric vehicle in the Northern Territory.  The first public electric vehicle charging station in the NT opened at Casuarina campus in 2013 and has since been home to a number of Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV's) and all-electric vehicles.  Hybrid vehicles now account for a number of pool vehicles, as well as the truck used for custodial duties in the Darwin area.

Terms & Conditions of Use

An Application to Drive a University Vehicle must be submitted through eCentre before users can access vehicles.

Vehicles are provided to CDU staff and students for travel on CDU business only.  Personal use is not permitted.

Only CDU staff and students travelling in the vehicle are covered by insurance.

Minors may only be transported in CDU vehicles under exceptional circumstances.

Pets, smoking and eating are not permitted in CDU vehicles.

The hirer agrees to abide by all road and traffic laws, and local council & Charles Darwin University Site and Traffic by Laws.

Any traffic infringement notices or parking fines incurred while driving a CDU vehicle must be paid by the driver, with any demerit points to be applied to that driver's licence.

12 Seat BusVehicle users must have a valid motor vehicle licence and must have an Application to Drive a University Vehicle submitted and approved through eCentre prior to using a vehicle.

Holders of Learners and Provisional licences are not permitted to drive CDU vehicles.

It is the responsibility of the driver to ensure they hold the appropriate classification of licence for the vehicle they are driving and their licence is current.

4WD vehicles may be hired for travel on sealed/maintained roads without the user having completed a certified 4WD course.

If the journey requires the user to travel off road (i.e. non-maintained tracks or other undeveloped land) and/or engage 4WD, completion of a certified 4WD course is required before the 4WD vehicle can be hired.

Users are responsible for checking road conditions and ensuring they have sufficient water, food, fuel, supplies and equipment for their journey.  Refer to Safety, Emergency & Wellbeing's Journey Management information for guidance.

It is the responsibility of the hirer to understand the conditions where they will be travelling when planning a trip.

Some remote communities may only have diesel fuel available.

Travel of distances greater than 50km radius from the point of origin requires a Movement Requisition be completed and authorised prior to travel.

Satellite telephones are available from Facilities Management on request.

Facilities Management short term hire vehicles are equipped to a standard to meet common requirements, such as a bullbar and second spare wheel on 4WD vehicles.

Should you require specialised equipment for remote travel, this should be sourced from your department as part of your remote travel plan.

The vehicle shall be secured at all times.

The vehicle should not be parked or positioned where it may be susceptible to damage.

It is the responsibility of the user to inspect the vehicle for damage and serviceability (tyre condition and pressure, fluid levels correct, indicators and lights operational) prior to departure.  Any faults or issues should be brought to Facilities Management's attention prior to departure.

If the vehicle becomes inoperable for any reason, please call (08) 8946 6500 or 0477 325 475 for assistance.  If practicable, move the vehicle and yourself to a safe position off the road while waiting for assistance.

Users must report any faults or damage to vehicles to Facilities Management as soon as practicable.

Damage caused to vehicles will be charged to the hirer's cost code.

Where an insurance claim is applicable, the standard excess for all CDU vehicles is $2,500 and is payable by the hirer's cost code.

Hybrid Sedan

Each vehicle is supplied with a WEX Motorpass fuel card which can be used at most fuel outlets.

The PIN is 6500 (last 4 digits of Facilities Help Desk number).

Hirers will need to plan their trips, particularly remote communities as some independent fuel outlets may not accept the supplied card.

A list of fuel sites that accept the Motorpass card can be found at

The cards are programmed to purchase regular unleaded (91 octane) fuel in petrol vehicles and diesel in diesel vehicles, as well as oil in both types of vehicle.

Facilities Management offers short term hire vehicles from pools at Casuarina, Palmerston, Darwin Waterfront, Katherine and Alice Springs campuses.

Varying by location, the range includes medium to large hatches & sedans, medium SUV's, 4WD utilities & wagons, and buses of up to 25-seats.

Short term hire vehicles may be booked through AutoCentral.

Hourly, daily and mileage Vehicle Short Term Hire Rates are applicable to vehicle use.  These rates cover fuel, depreciation, servicing, tyres and other basic costs of running a vehicle.

If you need a particular type of vehicle and nothing appropriate is available, please contact Facilities Management and we will endeavour to move bookings to accommodate your needs.

Users are asked to return the vehicle with a full tank of fuel, but no less than half a tank at any time.

Vehicles are provided with a pouch including the keys, fuel card, log book, car wash fob, incident reporting paperwork and emergency contact details.

Short term hire vehicles are to be returned clean, tidy and ready for use by subsequent hirers.

Vehicles based at Casuarina have a fob included in the pouch with pre-loaded credit available for use at Casuarina Car & Dog Wash located at 293A Trower Road.  The automated or manual washing facilities may be used, noting size constraints on larger vehicles.

4WD UtilitiesIf a user requires extensive use of a vehicle to perform their core business, Facilities Management provides long term leases.

Users will be charged for the whole-of-life costs of the vehicle on a cost recovery basis, i.e. depreciation, fuel, servicing, tyres and other basic costs of running a vehicle.

Leases generally range from three to five years and include expected annual mileage.

Users should seek to use short term hire vehicles first to establish demand for a vehicle before submitting a vehicle requisition.

Should users find they have sufficient need for a long term leased vehicle, contact to initiate a vehicle requisition.

For more information on the University fleet, contact