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At CDU, you don't have to wait until you've finished school to start making tracks in your career.

Our VET for Secondary Students (VSS) program is a training pathway that helps you get job ready while you finish your high school studies.

You’ll learn industry-specific skills, increase your employability and work towards gaining a nationally recognised VET qualification.

CDU's VET for Secondary Students offers a range of programs for high school students.


What age can I apply?

To study a VET course, you must be 15 years of age unless:

  • you are at secondary school and CDU has your school principal’s permission for you to participate as a 14-year-old
  • you are at school in a remote community and are 14 years of age at the time of enrolment
  • you are at school in a remote community and CDU has your school principal’s endorsement for you to participate as a 13-year-old.

CDU has a policy regarding the age of children allowed on campus. Any child under the age of 15 years must be accompanied by a responsible adult provided by their secondary school or parents/guardians.

What courses can I do?

Each year, the VET courses that are available to school students are negotiated by secondary schools.

You will be given the details of the units offered, duration of the course and what you're expected to achieve when you complete an Expression of Interest form for any CDU VSS program.

You can get these forms from your School VET Coordinator.

When a course or individual units are offered as a VSS program, they are only offered on a part time basis.

To find out more about eligibility and what courses you can do as a secondary school student, contact your School VET coordinator.

School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships (SBAT)

Discover your potential and get a head start in your career through SBAT. You will earn a wage, train with an employer and work towards getting a qualification in your chosen industry while completing your high school studies.

SBATs are considered part-time apprenticeships. Typically, your week will be broken up into:

  • 3 days a week at school
  • 2 days a week at work or VET training

Once you've finished high school, you will have the opportunity to finish your apprenticeship on a full-time basis.

To find out more about School Based Apprenticeships, contact your School VET Coordinator.

VSS Funding

Designated VSS funding allows a range of programs to be delivered in secondary schools.

Details of CDU's VSS specific funding is available at the Department of Education.

Other programs may be delivered by CDU following consultation with the Senior VET Adviser Secondary School Relations and Profile Management.


For more information about VSS or SBAT, school students can contact their School VET or Careers Coordinator.

Schools can contact Student Central below for up to date information.

Student Central
T: 1800 061 963 (freecall)
Mon - Thurs: 8:30am - 4pm
Friday: 8:30am - 3pm

Families and student can also visit Get VET - The VET Experience to find out more about VET.