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Project Description

ICT and Remote Capacity Building

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Gäwa community Elder discusses CDU’s AFLF project.

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Gawa community elder discusses project

Three Yolngu homeland centres Gawa, Donydji and Mapuru are part of a research project with CDU to find good ways to help communities use computers for their homeland business.

These communities are learning about computers and ways to use them for healthy sustainable livelihoods.

The key people from the homelands are Meredith Gurranggurrang from Gawa, Joanne Yindiri from Donydji, Jackie Nguluwidi from Mapuru, and Oscar Datjarrnga from the Marthakal Homelands Resource Centre at Galiwin’ku.

Meredith Gurranggurrang
Joanne Yindiri
Jackie Nguluwidi
Oscar Datjarrnga

The key people from Charles Darwin University will be: Lorna Murakami-Gold the CDU Indigenous e-learning champion, John Greatorex, Bryce King, and Michael Christie.

Lorna Murakami-Gold
Lorna Murakami-Gold
John Greatorex
John Greatorex

Bryce King

Michael Christie

This website will be to report on the project, and will change over time. Our first trip to the homelands was from 17-23rd July 2006.

During that trip, we set up computer connections with CDU, for e-learning and e-teaching at Gawa, Donydji and Mapuru, and talk to people about how they want the project to work, who should be involved, what people want to learn about, and how we will go about doing it and reporting about what we do. People will also talk about this website, and how it can become part of the project.

For a project description, click here

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