Yolŋu Aboriginal Consultants Initiative


Gifted and Talented

Miliŋinbi Water

Community engagement project on water management. More

Gifted and Talented

More Than a Roof Overhead

Consultation for better housing outcomes. More


Gifted and Talented


Yolŋu perspectives on gambling practices. More


Gifted and Talented

Gifted and Talented

Yolngu perspectives on gifted and talented children. More

Maths as a cultural practice


Maths as a Cultural Practice in Aboriginal Communities. More

Healthy Heart and Lungs

Healthy Hearts and Lungs:

Interpreting medical multimedia across cultures. More

Gifted and Talented

Financial Literacy Project

Evaluation of financial literacy at Milingimbi and Ngukurr. More

Box of Veg

Box of Veg

Proposed Community Supported Agriculture model More


Yolŋu Longgrassers on Larrakia Land

An investigation into issues affecting Yolŋu people living under the stars in the Darwin area. Download pdf


Australian Comparative Empirical Philosophical Investigation more...

Articulating a Postcolonial Impulse in Knowledge and Culture Analysis more...


The Yolŋu Consultants Initiative have been approached by academic and medical researchers, government and private industry for consultancy services where Yolŋu ways of knowing and being in the world are considered crucial to successful collaborations to improve the health, education and wellbeing of Indigenous people, and the cultural and intellectual resources of the Australian community.

Illustration by Joanne Garŋgulkpuy