Current Projects

Editing suite and remote access studio

We now have a intel imac with dual screens and audio system set up for using final cut pro and i-movie hd for people to use on related projects and yolngu users when they are in town.

This will also be the primary site for on-line communication using apple remote desktop, skype and i-chat between outstations and saiks (school of australia indigenous knowledge systems). A second computer is in the room for general desktop publishing work and internet browsing.

The types of activities currently undertaken by the people in the homelands that we are involved with range from internet banking, through to film editing and production, cross cultural consultancies, and translations services, however each community is comprised of different individuals with different skill levels and requirements, and so over time different needs will become apparent. It is reasonable to say that each community does require internet access in order to do their banking, and it looks like changes to cdep etc, will mean that more information will need to be sent by e-mail or fax. It is also difficult to say what are the requirements of computers in terms of their hardware and software before longer term computer use and experimentation has happened, although having said this, my observations are that computers are now a lot more interesting and usable due to their ability to work with audio and both moving and still images.

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inc studio
INC studio