This section provides access to drafts of papers which have come out of research collaborations in the field of ICT and remote community capacity building. Each paper is headed with details of access, and citation.

Remote Tele-interpreting

Scoping paper by Kerin Coulehan, for the Remote Tele-interpreting project.
Aboriginal Teleinterpreting and Translation Services: Scoping Research and Capacity Development in the Aboriginal Health workforce and Aboriginal Interpreter Service workforce in the Northern Territory 268 KB

Local knowledge, local control

Draft of a paper written my Michael Christie for the Desert knowledge and intellectual property scoping project dealing with how digital technology can help local knowledge stay in local control.
Digital Tools and the Management of Australian Aboriginal Desert Knowledge 304 KB

Local and Global knowledge in the context of remote education

How are local and global knowledges to be understood in the context of remote education? Draft of a paper delivered to the Annual national conference of the Society for the Provision of Rural Education, 2005 by Michael Christie
Local versus Global Knowledges: A Fundamental Dilemma in ‘Remote Education’ 228 KB

Remote perspectives on community capacity building

Two papers on Yolngu Aboriginal perspectives on Community and Social Capital for Remote Perspectives on Community Capacity written by John and Michael:
Social Capital in the Contexts of Yolngu Life 312 KB

Yolngu Life in the Northern Territory of Australia: The Significance of Community and Social Capital 348 KB

Information Technology Online

Information Technology Online: A Knowledge Framework for Curriculum Externalisation. Finegan, A., Tutty, J. and White, B. (2006). In Proc. Eighth Australasian Computing Education Conference (ACE2006), Hobart, Australia. CRPIT, 52. Tolhurst, D. and Mann, S., Eds., ACS. 63-70.

A qualitative analysis of issues in developing an online learning project. White, B., Tutty, J. & Finegan, A. (2005) In H. Goss(Ed.), Balance, Fidelity, Mobility: maintaining the momentum? Proceeding of the 22nd annual conference of the Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education (ascilite) 679-683. Brisbane: Teaching and Learning Support Services, Queensland University of Technology.