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One of our industry partners is the Yothu Yindi Foundation, home to the Garma Cultural Studies Institute. Every year at the Garma festival in Gove, yolngu elders work together with nonyolngu researchers, students, and policy makers on issues of importance to the futures of indigenous and nonindigenous people in Australia and around the world - law, health, art, sustainability, land, identity etc.

The yolngu Studies group at Charles Darwin University has attended each garma held over the past 6 years, and made collections of yolngu and nonyolngu discussions - on video, audio, and transcribed and translated in a number of texts. These resources, often in groups of related video or audio files, along with related text files of transcriptions and translations, will be made available as a collective memory resource for the Institute.

We are currently developing drawings and specifications for the development of the search mechanisms for the GCSI/CDU database.

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The infohut at Garma



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