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Mangay's project.

Mangay is a Liya-Dhalinymirr man who lives at Mirrngatja, on the eastern margins of the Arafura swamp, and south of Galiwin'ku. He is Yingiya's elder brother. For some time Mangay has been concerned that many non-yolngu people (especially mining companies and people working on the proposed gas pipeline) did not know the story of the land he was caring for - particularly its history and the patterns of its ownership and responsibility. He was also concerned that many yolngu growing up in communities like Galiwin'ku and Gapuwiyak had never seen parts of the country which were important to them.

In 2003, Mangay asked John Greatorex to come to Mirrngatja with a video camera, so he could tell stories on to video, mostly for Balanda. Mangay had already had some success playing the video of Mangay talking alongside an audio tape of John's translations of what he was saying. This time, the project would be to make a video with properly transcribed and translated texts that documented more accurately the details which Mangay was giving. yolngu studies students from CDU were given the chance to work on the transcriptions and translations which are still being worked on.

When Yingiya, Mangay's younger brother came into Darwin to the ARC workshop, he looked at the videos John had made, and worked to produce another video for student use, where he repeated more slowly and clearly what his brother had said in the original video. (Some of it was pretty unclear because of noises of wind against the microphone). When Yingiya spoke to the SAIKS seminar about his experiences, he used these videos to explain some of his ideas about the uses of digital technology in the various ways in which Yolngu use their knowledge.

The full story of Mangays project, assisted by Yingiya and John, is detailed in the paper 'Using digital technologies in doing Indigenous places in Australia' on the publications page


Arafura satellite map

Yingiya working on the video



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