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Anthea Nicholls has been working at Ramingining, an Aboriginal community in central Arnhemland for the past five years. Computers are slowly becoming part of community life, and Anthea will be spending the next few years working collaboratively with Yolngu people to better understand the emerging life of various computers as they become an ongoing part of the Ramingining and homeland communities.

Yambal is an elder of the Liya-galawumirr yolngu clan group who has been living at Ramingining for many years. He is keen that people in Ramingining and nearby communities, including his grandchildren, know about the history contained in land between Milingimbi, and Galiwin’ku, and the areas on the mainland to the south. He is particularly interested in finding ways to use video recordings of his own stories to help other yolngu understand their histories and identities. He also hopes to document a trip he and his parents made by dugout canoe, when he was a young boy. They went from Milingimbi to Galiwin’ku along the coast, visiting ancestral lands including that of Yambal himself. John Greatorex and Yambal are exploring the possibility of using a zoomable map interface to organise various representations of these travels.




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