How do I...

 Pay my fees
 Change my course
 Apply for a refund
 Make a complaint
 Request a Letter of completion
 Extend my Confirmation of Enrolment

Pay my fees

When your enrolment form has been processed you will be issued with an Enrolment Advice Notice/Fees Invoice that tells you how much your fees are for the semester.

After your first semester, fees can be paid directly to the cashiers located in the Information Centre. Fees are due on the date the semester or study period commences.

Please see the International Student Advisor if you are having trouble paying your fees.

If a student does not pay fees by the due date the following action will be taken.

    A first and final notice will be sent to the student advising that payment is required within 28 days of the date of notice

    Non-payment after 28 days will result in the enrolment being cancelled and debt collection procedures will be commenced for any outstanding amounts. Students will be advised when their enrolment has been cancelled.

    Where students fail to pay fees, their enrolment is cancelled, and the Department of Immigration and Citizenship will be informed.

Change my course

International students who want to transfer to a different course are required to submit a new application form. Application forms can be downloaded from the "How do I apply?" page.

The University will notify the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) about your change of course. If you are changing from a higher education course to a vocational education and training (VET) course, or vice versa, or from an undergraduate to a postgraduate course, you may need to apply to DIAC for a new visa. If you are thinking about changing your course, please talk to the International Student Advisor.


Apply for a refund

Refund of tuition fees will be made in accordance with the Charles Darwin University Refund of Fees for International Students Policy (pdf, 71kb).

There is no automatic right to a refund of fees if students change their minds about studying at the university. No refunds will be issued for Semester 1 after 31 March and for Semester 2 after 31 August for continuing students.

Under the conditions outlined in the policy, it may be possible for a student to obtain a full or partial refund. An application fee of $100 (included in tuition fees) is non-refundable in all cases except in extenuating circumstances.

To apply for a refund you will need to fill out a Refund Request form, available from the International Student Advisor in the Information Centre. Copies of the policy can also be obtained from the Information Centre.

Make a complaint

For further information on the University's formal complaints procedure please visit the CDU complaints homepage

Request a Letter of Completion

If you have completed your course you need to follow the below process to obtain your Letter of Completion:
• Complete and submit a 'Nomination to Graduate' form (EGT104) at the
  Information Centre
• Write 'International for visa purposes' on the top of the form and highlight it
• Once your course status has changed to 'completed', send an email
        Note: Your status must have changed from 'inactive' to 'completed' prior to
        requesting the letter (you can check this on My Student Info).

• In your email you need to provide details of:

- your full name
- student number
- course of study
- date of birth
- postal address.

Please write 'Request for Letter of Completion' in the subject line of the email.

• Your Letter of Completion will be posted to your postal address within 10
working days unless you ask for it to be picked up from the Reception,
International Office in Building Orange 2 1.05

PLEASE NOTE: The letter of completion is for immigration purposes only.

Extend my Confirmation of Enrolment

A Confirmation of Enrolment is a legal document produced by a Registered Education Provider which indicates the full time duration of a program. International students on student visas are expected to complete their program by the course end date identified on their Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE).

In order to complete their program by the designated course end date, a higher education student needs to enrol and successfully complete 40 credit points per semester. VET students are required to complete the required number of hours and successfully complete all units of study.  In some instances, international students may not be able to successfully complete their program within the duration outlined on their CoE. These circumstances may include:

-          Failed occasional subject

-          Placed on learning management plan following unsatisfactory academic progress

-          Reduced study load at some point during degree due to compassionate or compelling circumstances. N.B Financial difficulties are not considered compassionate or compelling circumstances.

If a student needs to request a CoE extension then they are required to submit the following documentation:

-          Completed CoE extension form (with details of circumstances leading to request)

-          NON SCHOLARSHIP HOLDERS: Cashiers receipt confirming deposit of funds or proof of    electronic transfer. International students are required to demonstrate financial capacity to study in Australia. All international students (except Scholarship holders) I required to pay in advance for remaining units. For students with 5 or more outstanding subjects, you are required to deposit funds for 4 subjects only.

-          SCHOLARSHIP HOLDERS: Written confirmation from Sponsor agreeing to extended duration of program.

-          Copy of the information page of your passport

-          Copy of your current visa label

You can submit your application either directly to the Office of International Services at Orange 2.1 or via email at

If you have any questions in relation to this process, please contact the International Support Team via email at

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