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Current Students

CDU Student Council

Charles Darwin University Students' Council (CDUSC) is the voice of all students.

CDUSC strives to promote and advance the rights, interests and welfare of CDU students.  CDUSC represents all CDU students and provides the means for communication between students and the University. 

CDUSC Officers who are elected for this term will be your voice on issues that are important to you.

Once elected, Student Council will finalise and delegate the positions in the first inaugural meeting. 

Read more about the CDU Students' Council Constitution (PDF, 401.79 KB)

CDU International students

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The representative positions that makeup CDUSC are:

  • President

  • Vice President

  • Secretary

  • Treasurer

  • Women's Officer

  • Postgraduate Officer

  • Undergraduate Officer

  • International Officer

  • First Nations Officer

  • Online Students Officer

  • Sustainability Officer

  • LBGTQIA+ Officer

  • TAFE Officer

  • Inclusion Officer

Want more details about the roles and responsibilities of your Students’ Council? Check out the full position descriptions below.

CDUSC position descriptions

Your 2023 CDU Student Council

Student Council President
Student Council President

Name: Hajrah Kamran
Course: Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science 

"I love contributing my time, skills, knowledge, and experience to the wider NT community to make this beautiful state a better place for people to enjoy and f eel valued. Currently, I am actively involved in many organisations both at CDU and in the local community including the Secretary to the NT Youth Round Table 2022, Allied Health Representative for CDU Association for Rural and Remote Health and a CDU Student Ambassador.

I am incredibly passionate about voicing issues affecting women and young people in contemporary times, especially surrounding mental health and domestic violence. I will work collectively with my team to bring positive and constructive change to our CDU community."

Student Council Vice President
Student Council Vice president man wearing a collared blue shirt

Name: Anjan Paudel
Course: Bachelor of Laws 

"I am a young, energetic, and determined individual looking forward to bringing unique collective ideas to CDUSC. I aim to put forward appropriate suggestions and concerns while actively initiating to address them.

I will represent, promote, and advance students’ issues, rights, and interests to build a better platform that will influence our education policy and student culture; because 'We make CDU’."

Treasurer & Undergraduate Officer
Student Council Treasurer

Name: Aditya Sapkota
Course: Bachelor of Accounting

"I’ve always believed that the best investment any student can make in student life is by being the voice for other students and collectively working for benefits and welfare of large community. I believe I am perfectly able to carry out the responsibilities of CDU student council to  promote and advance the rights, interests and welfare of students, represent the views of members, both formally and informally, regarding CDU business when called upon, provide the means for effective communication between students and the CDU and effectively deliver services, amenities and programs for students funded by the CDU. Together “we make CDU”." 

man wearing a polo shirt with reading glasses

Name: Ahmad Irthiza
Course: Master of Data Science

"I value the innate nature of humans to constantly learn new things and not let stagnation take hold of them. Leadership is in vain if it does not become the voice it represents. I want to listen to your suggestions and expectations about making CDU a better place to nurture our passion for learning. Together we shall make CDU."

Online Students Officer
lady standing with a lanyard around neck wearing a grey top

Name: Charmine Wright
Course: Bachelor of Social Work

"I am an external student studying social work in Queensland. When I'm not submerged in my studies I'm relaxing with my family or out Gelballing. My friendly, empathetic demeanor and determination to help will be valuable assets in assisting and connecting with students who are studying away from campus, whether it's navigating through endnote, learn-line or your textbooks or just needing some support, I want to help."

Inclusion Officer
Woman with long dark hair wearing a blouse with blue paisley print.

Name: Emily Hutchinson
Course: Bachelor of Arts

"I'm currently studying as an external student with a goal of studying for a Bachelor of Arts. My time at CDU has enriched my life and I believe strongly in the role of education to empower people and arm them with the skills and knowledge to make a positive impact on the world. I have a background working in the performing arts and special needs education.

As a mature external student, I am attuned to the difficulties faced by those whose paths to university have been challenging and I aim to be an enthusiastic representative for the external student body. With tenacity and empathy, let me be your voice, and together we can be part of CDU's exciting future." 

Sustainability Officer
Lady wearing black and white stripe black top

Name: Ravi Gunathilaka ​​​​
Course: Master of Business Administration Sustainable Leadership

"I always wanted to join the student council committee, work with other students from different countries, and see my potential in working as a team. Being a committee member, I can contribute to many activities at CDU which can shape-up me in diverse ways. Student council actually allows you to develop abilities such as leadership, communication, teamwork, organization, and public speaking. Thus, being a council member is a great advantage for my future career as well."

International Officer
Man with a white business shirt

Name: Md Sadequr
Course: Master of Information Technology

"First, I would like to acknowledge the traditional owners of this land and pay my respect to the past, present, and emerging.

I have been working as a volunteer with various student associations and organizations. It will be my great privilege to work for CDU students to make sure their voices are heard at the highest level of authority to solve any concerns. Together, we can make CDU a much better place to gain knowledge and contribute it across the communities."

TAFE Officer
profile style image of male wearing collar shirt

Name: Sithideth Oudomthip
Course: Work Health and Safety Diploma

My name is Sithideth Oudomthip, you can call me Foke as well. I’m an international student pursuing a work health and safety diploma at Charles Darwin University (CDU). As a VET Officer at CDU, I act as a bridge between students and CDU. I ensure that CDU hears the student’s voice regarding the student’s rights, interests, and well-being.

Postgraduate Officer
Profile picture of female with long brown hair

Name: Alisha Shrestha
Course: Masters in Information Technology

It’s great honour to be part of student council committee, serves as a vocal representative for postgraduate students. I am confident in my ability to fulfil the duties of the CDU student council, which involve advocating for student rights, interests, and well-being, and expressing the perspectives of members on CDU matters in formal and informal settings.

I am committed to making earnest efforts in promoting efficient communication between students and the university, as well as ensuring the effective delivery of services, amenities, and programs. My utmost dedication lies in creating an environment where students can easily communicate with the university and where they can access the services and resources they need in a timely and efficient manner. I strongly believe that by working together, we contribute to the growth and success of CDU as a collective community.

Women's Officer
Lady with very long brown hair wearing a black top

Name: Stella Jasmine
Course: Master of Nutrition

"I am a team player, enthusiast, adaptable, creative-minded, digitally literate, and a continuous learner. I wish to connect current international and local students with more fun, free student events to grow and learn together to match their skills to their job markets."

Undergraduate Officer
Man in glasses wearing a black t-shirt with red graphic print and a gray blazer.

Name: Sakib Abdullah
Course: Bachelor of Information Technology

"I have drive, confidence, and dependability. Your voice and interest are important to me. I'll make sure that everyone has access to on-campus opportunities in a fair and equitable manner. I promise to always be there for you and to lead in an open and honest manner. Together, we can do a lot."

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