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Additional Information

  • If you don’t meet the entry requirements for your chosen course, enabling courses are a great way to refresh your skills and build confidence. Once completed you will meet the entry requirements for most courses at CDU.

    At CDU, we have two domestic enabling courses:

    To be eligible for an enabling course, you will need to be at least 18 years old and you will need to have satisfactory English literacy and numeracy skills.

    You will also be required to complete a short writing task as part of the application process.

  • Short courses are great for exploring a personal interest further or completing some professional development for your career.

    Find out more about short courses.

  • Special consideration may be given to applicants who have special circumstances, including a long-term medical condition, that may have disadvantaged them in their studies and which they wish to be taken into account in the assessment of their application.

    Applicants who seek special consideration as part of the application process will be able to download a confidential questionnaire and information on the supporting documentation that will be required.

    Current year 12 students cannot seek special consideration through the SATAC process.
    In South Australia and the Northern Territory, year 12 students who have special circumstances should seek consideration from the SACE Board. Information is available from the SACE Board website.

    Year 12 students studying elsewhere in Australia (not South Australia or the Northern Territory) who have special circumstances should seek consideration from the board of studies in their state/territory or directly from their school.