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Aspire program participants

The Aspire Program

CDU's school to university enabling program

The vision of the Aspire Program is that every young person in the Northern Territory can access tertiary education – to always be connected, inspired and supported.

We facilitate age-appropriate opportunities for Northern Territory school students to repeatedly connect with the horizons of higher education, possible careers and life-long learning.

This program is funded by the Australian Government's Higher Education Participation and Partnerships Program (HEPPP)

Current Aspire program

Aspire has a proven track record. Since the program began it 2013 is has sponsored over 120 students in years 10, 11, 12 and the first year of university if studying at CDU. Students that are part of Aspire's current four-year program are awarded $1,000 per annum to support educational expenses.

Ninety per cent of Aspire alumni have commenced, are currently engaged in, or have completed tertiary studies.

*Please note this program is currently being phased out.​​​​

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Aspire 2.0

At CDU, we believe that university is for everyone. The Aspire Program is currently being redesigned to support more Northern Territory students through a suite of new opportunities for prospective university students who come from low socio-economic backgrounds.

We recognise the success of the current Aspire Program and celebrate the achievement of our Aspire Alumni. The model for the program moving forwards – Aspire 2.0 - will be announced by mid-2020.

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Important dates

  • Year 12 Workshop
  • Year 11 Workshop & CDU Open Day
  • Year 12 Graduation
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Who we are

Josh Barnes

Josh Barnes | staff profile | email

Josh is a lover of learning and is passionate about how ongoing, authentic education transforms communities. He has worked in schools and universities across Australia.

Josh is proud to lead the Aspire and Children’s University Programs at CDU.

Samara Glazbrook

Samara Glazbrook | staff profile | email 

Samara has been in the Territory for eight years and graduated from St Johns College.

She has been with the Aspire program since mid-2017 and continues to show support for all Aspire and Vibe students.

Aspire Program Graduate

Lwin Moe Htey

My Aspire scholarships gave me so much support through my schooling and into university. I now enjoy studying nursing full-time position at Charles Darwin University.

Lwin Moe Htey

Nursing and midwifery