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Team Aspire

Uni education has the potential to change your world.
Let's do this together!

The vision of Team Aspire is that every young person in the Northern Territory can access tertiary education – to always be connected, inspired and supported.

We facilitate age-appropriate opportunities for Northern Territory school students to repeatedly connect with the horizons of higher education, possible careers and life-long learning.

This program is funded by the Australian Government's Higher Education Participation and Partnerships Program (HEPPP)

Team Aspire

At CDU, we believe that university is for everyone.  Team Aspire is designed to support Northern Territory students who face forms of educational disadvantage. We provide a range of new opportunities for prospective university students.

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Aspire Program Graduate

“I’m thankful for Team Aspire and the broader community at Charles Darwin University for the constant support of my educational journey since starting as a Team Aspire senior secondary scholarship recipient. My goal is to become a nurse and work as a registered nurse in the community that I grew up in - Nhulunbuy. Following this I wish to travel the world and work with people who really need help. In 5 to 10 years, time, I will accomplish this dream.”

Jubilee Weo

TEP and Nursing

Jubilee Weo - Aspire Student Ambassador
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