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Business & Accounting

Professional Practice Program (PPP)

We believe learning should not be limited in the classroom. With this in mind, we provide on-the-job placement opportunities for students enrolled in the Master of Professional Accounting (Professional Practice) and Master of Business Administration (Professional Practice) to get training and experience in a real-life workplace environment.

The Program was developed under the policy of work-integrated learning at CDU to deliver the best educational experience for students and helps foster regular and long-term contact and collaboration with the accounting and business community.


The PPP gives you the opportunity to apply theoretical concepts in a business or accounting office, under supervision. The program is designed to develop the key attributes and skills required in your chosen area of specialty. 

Placements are limited and may not be available in every state and territory. You will need to undertake a preliminary interview with the placement coordinator if you wish to undertake professional practice unit.


The PPP gives providers the opportunity to work with well-trained graduates and evaluate their suitability as a future employee. If the student is eventually employed, they are already up to speed with the provider’s workplace culture, targets and relationships. 

The program also serves as a flexible and cost-effective method for providers to respond to fluctuating workloads. Students are usually placed in a management or accounting position under the supervision of a qualified mentor.

As a provider, you can become involved in the design and delivery of our academic program, research and consulting.


Roopali Misra
Placement Coordinator
T: +61 8 8946 8852