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Current Students

Student groups

Join our range of student-run groups including sporting, academic, social, cultural, and faith-based groups. Each group holds a range of events across the academic year and new members are always welcome.

Follow these useful guides to join, start and manage your student group.

Meet our student groups

Meet CDU’s eclectic array of Student Groups; when you study at CDU you will always feel connected, whether through shared interests, celebrating your culture or religion, and meeting new students! There’s a group for everyone!

Get involved and find your community!

African Students Forum
Student Groups- CDU African Student Forum

The group aims to support the cultural and social needs of all African students on Campus presently enrolled in CDU. We aim to provide a social atmosphere for African students to connect, share and grow together. Together we believe we can keep our African heritage alive. 

Learn more Here!


CDU Allied Health Collective
Allied Health Collective

The Allied Health Collective is a community of Health Professionals trained through CDU. This group is for collaboration, support and networking, to improve allied health service delivery.

The group also focuses on personal growth through professional development.

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CDU Bangladeshi Student Association

We bring together the Bangladeshi students at CDU while connecting with the broader CDU community. Forge a sense of unity by joyously celebrating Bangladeshi culture through culinary experiences, sports, and networking events. Join us in fostering connections and building a vibrant community together!

Join Us or connect to us via Facebook

CDU Catholic Society


Catholic Society Logo

We are a group of young people who are growing our relationship with Jesus through personal and spiritual development, as we connect, support and serve each other. We will host events such as Mass, Faith information events and other social activities.

Find out more at CDU Catholic Society on Facebook, or you can contact us via email.

CDU Chinese Students & Scholars Association
Logo for CDUCSSA


CDUCSSA represents the voice of all CDU Chinese students. We aim to offer a platform that can help with personal and professional growth. We offer a range of activities for students to expand extracurricular interests, develop social skills and increase academic interactions. Our group facilitates culture communication to serve the interests of Chinese students and scholars in the CDU environment.

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CDU Christians
Student Groups Logo CDU Christians

Our aim is to support and encourage Christian University students in their faith during their time at CDU. We also want to help other interested people at CDU to find out about Christianity. We aim to achieve these goals through weekly bible studies, students meeting up together, a Friday Night connect event with dinner, social games and teaching on Christianity. In terms of contributing to student life - all our events provide avenues for students to build friendships and support networks during their time at uni which really aids them in their student life and study.

To find out more visit our website. Click on here to join today!

CDU Cyber Security Club
We aim to provide a student-led platform that introduces its members to cyber security and advance their knowledge through workshops and other such activities, to legally and ethically improve the cyber security skills of the Club's members, and to participate in Cyber Security competitions on behalf of CDU. Join us today!
CDU Cyber Security logo.


CDU Dance Club

A group of CDU student amateur dancers getting together to teach dance classes on CDU Casuarina Campus, boosting diverse genres and multiculturalism! Anyone can dance! 

Click here to check out what we do and join today! 

Student Groups- CDU Dance Club Logo
CDU Engineering Student Society

Engineering Students Society is a small family for engineering students and other students who are interested in the field.  Our goal is to offer networking opportunities with professionals, tutorial and skill learning workshops to prepare you for your engineering journey, and, most importantly, enjoyable social activities to ensure you have the best campus life ever! 

Find out more here:  

CDU Engineering Student Society logo to use for promotional purposes.
Logo EnviroCollective 2020

We aim to improve sustainability on campus and raise awareness about environmental issues in the Northern Territory and beyond.  We provide a space for all people who are interested in sustainability and our environment to come together and create positive change through connection, education and inspiration. For environment students, it is an excellent way to meet people in your field, gain relevant work experience, and find out what opportunities exist for employment after university life.

Click here to join our group alternatively contact us via email or Facebook.

CDU Information Technology Students Association
Logo for ITSA Student Group

CDU ITSA's objective is to provide all IT students opportunities for growth and a platform for upskilling, understanding the industry needs and networking with the IT professionals.

Send us an email for more information.  Click here to sign up to our group!

CDU IoT Club
CDU student groups club

This group aims to provide platform for members to explore Internet of Things technology, experience application development with loT devices and share knowledge through workshops or other activities. 

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Jesus Youth CDU
Logo for CDU Jesus Youth

Jesus Youth is a lifestyle of young people themselves, who filled with the Holy Spirit try to reach out spiritually to young and active students. We mainly focus on enhancing the spiritual upliftment of young Catholic Christians through various events, prayer gatherings, outreach, etc. We also focus on International students who need spiritual support and guidance and make friends for life.

Contact us via Facebook or click here to join!

CDU Outdoors and Adventures Club
New club logo

CDU Outdoors Club is Darwin's newest outdoors group, bringing together the adventurous at heart for good times across the Top End. Club's activities include social events and half-day to multi-day kayaking and hiking trips in Top End and Kimberly. We also have a range of equipment available for hire by our members on club and private trips. The club is open to everyone, no matter your experience, with opportunities for beginners to build up to more challenging trips. Our list of activities will continue to grow with our membership base. If we're not running a trip you're keen on doing then chances are one of our members are, so join up and say G'day!

Join our Facebook Group for updates



CDU Queer Network

The CDU Queer Network exists as a safe space for all Queer CDU students to freely connect, gain support, and embrace queer culture. The group aims to either acknowledge or celebrate significant dates relevant to the LGBTQIA+ community and encourage CDU to promote queer theory in student learning. 

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CDU Queer Network Logo
RIEL & Co Postgraduate Society

RIELCPS is a student representative body developed by RIEL and SENV for postgraduate students in the Faculty of Science and Technology and affiliated organisations. The primary focus of RIELCPS is to enhance the postgraduate student experience by providing social and academic services and outlets, representing postgraduate students - individually and collectively, and providing support to students over the course of their studies.

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CDU Social Work Inclusive Student Society


logo for student group

The Social Work Inclusive Student Society (SWISS) is a representative association that aims to advocate for the needs and concerns of social work students of Charles Darwin University.

Driven by the notion of collective care, SWISS aims to promote social work values through community engagement and uphold the social justice mandate through engagement in social action/activism.

To learn more, join today!

CDU Yoga Lifestyle Club
Logo for CDU Yoga Lifestyle Club

CDU Yoga Lifestyle Club provides weekly yoga classes to University students for free (during S1 and S2 only). Other activities planned to help students increase their awareness of health and wellness. 

If you'd like more details please click here or email us.

Women's Collective for Innovation and Change
Womens Collective Logo

Our mission is to encourage and empower women to achieve their goals by developing an exchange network with students, business organisations and the Government. In the long run, the group aims to generate a ripple effect for women to contribute in productive ways.

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CDU Mini Soccer and Cricket Club
Blue logo of CDU Mini Soccer and Cricket Club with the letters M, S AND c

Our aim is to host exciting Mini Soccer and Cricket tournaments throughout the semester, providing students with a blend of fun and recreation. The games will take place indoors, and we intend to host them at the CDU basketball court or the Winnellie indoor stadium.

Additionally, we are on the lookout for enthusiastic students who can offer support during these events. Joining this group not only opens the door to engaging in sports but also contributes to the mental well-being of students.

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CDU Nepalese Students' Association
Nepalese student association logo in blue and red colour

Our Association serves as the central hub for fostering Nepalese culture at CDU! We extend a warm invitation to all CDU students, to join us in embracing the richness of Nepalese traditions and forming meaningful connections.

Our association thrives on organising dynamic and lively events. We enthusiastically invite students to not only participate but also become an integral part of our team. Whether you're interested in volunteering or actively engaging in the events, we welcome your enthusiasm and involvement!

Contact us Today to Join our Team!

Check out our Facebook Page

Parent Student Support @CDU
PaSS LOGO with a child and parent with graduation hat in Green

The main goal of this group is the well-being of all parent/students despite their Country, Language, Culture and Gender. Events will be organised to create a platform for children to connect with each other, facilitating a smoother transition from their home country.

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CDU Music Society
Music society Logo with red, blue and yellow colours

The group provides a platform for students to connect, collaborate, and share their passion for music in a supportive and creative environment. To create a supportive community for students at Charles Darwin University who have an interest in music and cultural exchange. We aim to foster a space where students can connect, collaborate, and explore their musical talents while promoting inclusivity, creativity, and a lifelong appreciation for music.

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Rotaract Club of CDU
Rotoract Club logo with  pink wheel

We are a CDU affiliated student-led community service organisation that works to support young student leaders at CDU and nurture emerging young talents in the university. We strive to create opportunities for university students and recent graduates to connect, learn and grow in a supportive environment. 

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CDU Muslim Student Society
Muslim student society Logo with letters CDU MSA

Our mission is to create a common platform for CDU Muslim students to preserve and be confident in their unique Australian Muslim identity through advocacy, education, empowerment, and engagement. we work with the Uni  to make CDU Muslim students feel comfortable and welcomed in Darwin and CDU. 

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08 8946 6519

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