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Student stories

How will you use knowledge to shape a better future?

[We asked people]
[How will you use your study to help shape a better future?]
[This is what they said]
Student 1: "I want to help the global community one person at a time"
[Reefs to maintain biodiversity]
Student 2: "I'm gonna help with artificial reefs in Indonesia so the biodiversity is still diverse, and not everything is dying off, and so people can enjoy it like I do."
[Don't stop inspiring students]
Student 3: "For teachers, not all teachers, but teachers, please don't stop inspiring people, and students, and don't lose that.. that oomph! to teach kids and to keep inspiring them!"
[Build houses and bridges for those affected by natural disasters]
Student 4: "I'd like to build more houses and bridges for people in countries like Nepal, Indonesia, Bhutan; that are really affected by the natural disasters in the past years."
[Design for the future]
Student 5: "Me, as an architect, I design, not for now; I design for the future."
[Contribute to better health outcomes]
Student 6: "I'm going to contribute to better health outcomes for Territorians."
[Join CDU to follow your passion and help shape a better future]
[Charles Darwin University]

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