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Microcredential courses

Quickly boost your skills, knowledge and employability with a microcredential.

Fast and flexible upskilling

Like a mini university course, a microcredential focuses on a specific area of study. You can gain an industry-relevant skill within a matter of days or weeks and receive certification that verifies your new proficiency for current or future employers. 

Designed with career progression at the core, microcredentials are a great way to progress in your industry, broaden and personalise your CV, explore an entirely new career, or even just follow an interest without committing to a degree. The shorter time frame required to complete a microcredential means you can easily fit your learning around your lifestyle.

Earn course credit 

CDU now offers credit-bearing microcredentials.

Not only will you receive a digital badge upon successful completion of the microcredential course to showcase your newly acquired skill or knowledge, but you will also gain credit to put towards a CDU qualification. 

MIC501 The Pedagogy of Indigenous Knowledge Sharing through Creative and Cultural Practices is worth 20 credits at postgraduate level and can be used towards postgraduate study in education, Indigenous studies or the arts and humanities.

Microcredential digital badge
CDU Badges

Digital badges

With every microcredential you complete, you will be awarded a visual token known as a digital badge. As an online record of your achievements, digital badges can be shared with your colleagues, prospective employers, and even on social media networks or as part of your email signature. 

You can also "stack" your badges to gradually build larger credentials. 

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