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Applications are now open for Legato Orchestral Experience 2020, from 5th to 7th of October,

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CYCM is registered to receive the $100 Sport Vouchers from the NT Government Sport Voucher Scheme.


Term 4 enrolments are now open. Please, contact the office on 8946 6013 for more information or email your enrolment form. 

We offer online music tuitions for remote students

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The Centre for Youth Music (CYCM) teaches music in a manner that is fun, educational and tailored to each student's individual needs and goals.

The CYCM offers music curriculum for students of all ages starting from the "very young" in the "Junior Music Program" right through to the "young at heart" adults in our "Non-Award Programs".

Catering for the beginner to the more advanced student, the CYCM provides instrumental, vocal and theory tuition as well as offering a diverse and exciting range of ensemble programs.

At the CYCM, students work with the Northern Territory's top music professionals and leading visiting musicians, who are committed to sharing their musical knowledge and experience by offering accessible and affordable music instruction and performance opportunities for all in our community.

New tutors and programs


    Music is the language of the soul. I have been blessed with a life on the world stage alongside some of Australia's finest recording artists. If I have learned one thing, it all comes down to the experience you leave behind in the hearts and minds of your audience.

    Having the opportunity to pass on my skills and knowledge to those discovering their own musical journey is a valuable asset to my career and personal growth. I sincerely look forward to sharing my path with you and showing you all the amazing things, you're absolutely capable of achieving.


    - Kids 6+, teens and adults of all ages

    - online or face-to-face options

    - one-on-one or group sessions available

    - 30min, 45min or 1 hour timeslots

    - Rock Band Ensemble available for music institutions and arts programs

    - lessons tailored to all learning abilities

    - a friendly and personable approach to professional music tuition

  • Milly is 21 and currently studying a Bachelor of Secondary Education majoring in Music at Charles Darwin University. Milly has been playing the trumpet since the age 12 years old from her high school’s band program in Victoria. Having been heavily involved in band programs throughout her schooling, becoming captain of various school bands and winning many school awards in solo trumpet and band performances. In 2016, Milly began her music degree with Monash University, specialising in classical solo trumpet performance.

    Working in an American summer camp from 2017-2018 Milly discovered her passion for teaching children. The camp saw Milly working with children aged 5-16, teaching various activities throughout the day, which included teaching children how to sing.

    Now, employed as a trumpet tutor at the Centre for Youth and Community Music, teaching any age from beginner to intermediate, Milly will have the opportunity to combine her deep passion of Music and teaching. Currently only tutoring trumpet and keen to expand into other brass instruments in the future.

  • Why learn Recorder??

    Some of us will remember having recorder lessons in primary school with mixed feelings about the musicality of the instrument! Unfortunately this graceful little wood wind is often perceived as a primary school instrument – of torture!! However, in the right hands, (and years of practice) this instrument is as beautiful as any other. It pre dates most other woodwind instruments and has been played in various forms all over the world for hundreds of years.

    In its defence, I’d like to point out the benefits of recorder lessons for young and old. Unlike a flute, or Oboe it’s easy to get first sounds, allowing the player to focus on other key points of playing such as posture and reading music. Once the rudiments of music have been learned on Recorder, these skills readily transfer to other woodwind instruments such as flute and saxophone. For young students the Recorder is easily managed and handled, small hands can reach all the finger holes and unlike any other woodwind instrument, the plastic ones are almost indestructible! Recorders can also be easily and cheaply purchased in local music stores.

    The CYCM is able to provide recorders for new players but flutes need to be provided by the student. The Flute

    There are many similarities in Recorder and Flute playing; breath control, posture and finger positions all transfer easily to flute playing. It generally takes longer for new players to ‘find’ the sound on flute and as it is a bigger, heavier instrument, it can be more physically demanding than recorder. Once confident with producing sounds, students are able to produce beautiful melodies as either solos or in groups, in a variety of styles.

    The CYCM offers performance and ensemble opportunities once students are confident and competent in their chosen instrument. There are also music theory classes available to help with music reading skills. Instrumental lessons are offered on a one on one basis.

    I have taught flute, recorder and Sax for over 10 years in Darwin schools and completed my music degree at Charles Darwin University, specialising in flute. I’m happy to teach any age students, at any level up to Grade 5 AMEB. I really enjoy teaching music and look forward to being able to inspire and train new students to share the joy of music making.

  • We are excited to bring Kindermusik for 0-3 years old to CYCM. With three levels of learning to suit every age, all children will enjoy this engaging and playful introduction to the world of music.

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