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Support First Nations students and research

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First Nations areas of support

First Nations scholarships

The First Nations Scholarships Fund aims to improve access to tertiary study and facilitate better higher education outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.

The fund will reduce the financial burden on ATSI students and create stronger foundations for student success by ensuring they have the tools they need to excel in their chosen field of study.

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First Nations academic support

The First Nations Academic Support team provides high-level support and assistance to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students studying at CDU.

Away From Base

The Away from Base (AFB) funding program provides financial support and assistance to eligible Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (Indigenous Australian) students enrolled in approved mixed-mode/external courses for compulsory course requirements such as workshops, placements, training blocks etc.

Support is provided for reasonable expenses for student travel, meals and accommodation.

Visit the First Nations Student Services web page

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Northern Institute

Northern Institute was established in 2011 through a partnership between Charles Darwin University (CDU) and the Northern Territory Government (NTG) to undertake high quality analysis in social and policy research and build research capacity and leadership in Northern Australia.

Northern Institute is committed to First Nations education and research through their Indigenous micro-credentials and contemporary Indigenous knowledge, governance, and science team.

Visit the Northern Institute web page

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Living Archive of Aboriginal Languages

The Living Archive of Aboriginal Languages is a digital archive of endangered literature in Australian Indigenous languages of the Northern Territory.

It contains nearly 4000 books in 50 languages from 40 communities available to read online or download freely.

This is a living archive, with connections to the people and communities where the books were created. This will allow for collaborative research work with the Indigenous authorities and communities.

Visit the Living Archive of Aboriginal Languages web page

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The Molly Wardaguga Research Centre

The Molly Wardaguga Research Centre was a strategic investment by Charles Darwin University in 2019. Established in honour of Burarra Elder and midwife who worked extensively to improve health outcomes, with a vision of returning birthing services to Indigenous communities and Indigenous control. Centre co-directors, Professors Kildea and Roe, are leaders in health services research in midwifery, culturally responsive models of care and Indigenous health.

The vision of the Centre is to support women’s cultural and birthing aspirations, especially in remote locations through research and use this to dismantle the barriers imposed by westernised approaches to birthing and maternal healthcare.

Visit the Molly Wardaguga Research Centre web page

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baby laying on woven mat

Molly Wardaguga Research Centre Case for Support

The Molly Wardaguga Research Centre is a strategic investment established by Charles Darwin University in 2019. Molly Wardaguga was a Burrara Elder, Aboriginal midwife, senior Aboriginal health worker and founding member of the Malabam (now Mala’la) Health Board in Maningrida, Arnhem Land. Our vision is to support women’s cultural and birthing aspirations, especially in remote locations, for the best start to life.

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