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5 questions you must ask a uni before starting an online degree

A lot has changed lately. Online degrees have long been the norm for Charles Darwin University, but for many Australians, the idea of studying online from home is part of the ‘new normal’ post Coronavirus lockdown. But, not all online learning is created equal.

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  • CDU student Felix Oryema smiling

    How I got into the swing of study before starting uni

    Felex completed our Tertiary Enabling Program (TEP) in order to gain the skills to succeed at university after moving from Uganda. We asked him about his experience studying TEP, VET and Higher Education with CDU.

  • CDU student Sunny standing in a garden smiling

    Sunny feels the kindness of the CDU community

    Growing up watching her Mum teach secondary school English in China, it was only a matter of time before Sunny followed in her mum's footsteps to study teaching at CDU. What she found was more than just a classroom.

  • CDU student Muriel Scholz smiling at the camera

    'Filling the gap': Why Muriel chose to study in the NT

    Growing up in Katherine, Muriel saw first-hand the unique health challenges faced in the Northern Territory. Ready to embark on a career in the sciences, she chose CDU for the flexibility and focus on important local health needs.

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  • Illustration representing cost of study

    How to budget for study

    It can be hard to imagine how it would be possible to start or return to study on a reduced income, with bills to pay and perhaps a family to consider. But with a little bit of planning and a realistic assessment of your budget, you may find that your new world is closer than you thought.   

  • Indigenous woman explaining a figure drawn in the dirt to a man who is sitting with her and listening

    Why an Arts degree is worth studying

    Is an arts degree worth it? It’s a question you might be asking yourself as the Australian Government proposes to re-direct funding from Arts degrees to degrees in health, education, science and technology. It absolutely is, says Dean Ruth Wallace. 

  • Father and teenage son having a friendly discussion

    COVID-19 and uni: Q&A for Year 12s

    If you’re getting ready to transition from high school to further studies amidst COVID-19, you probably already anticipated a more stressful year than usual. The pandemic, the lockdown, and the economy wobbles have added a few more worries. So, how should you be preparing for uni? 

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Student life

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  • Hand holding clock to represent time management

    Setting smart goals for uni

    One of the most important things you can do in the early stages of your university journey is to define your long and short term goals. These will keep you focused and motivated. Long-term goals define who you want to be and what you want to achieve. They’re the big picture view of why you’re at university.  The next step is to create short term goals to help you achieve your long-term ones. 

  • Studying at home

    Preparing for your studies: creating your study space

    Finding the best place to study is one of the most important things you'll do when starting or returning to uni. Read these top tips for creating the ideal study space. 

  • A study desk space

    How much time do I need to study?

    Are you wondering whether you have the time to balance study with other important commitments in your life such as work, family and friends?

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After university

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  • Debra's happy family

    Debra used her study at CDU to climb the corporate ladder

    When Debra Hutcheson started her career at entry level with the Northern Territory Government, she knew she wanted to achieve more. Studying at CDU was just the thing she needed to make an impression and rise up the ranks. 

  • Papers for a job interview

    How to stand out from the crowd in today’s job market

    Competition in the job-market for uni graduates can be fierce, but luckily, there are lots of things you can do to get ahead. We consulted some of the expert minds from the CDU HR team to find out what practical steps students can take to snag their dream job after uni. 

  • Prepare to be Googled

    Looking for a job? Prepare to be Googled

    More and more employers are using social media to screen job candidates. While curating your social media presence can help you land a job, so is making sure your resume is current and relevant. Here are a few tips on luring an employer online and on paper.

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Research impact

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  • Damian smiling in front of his project

    Damian's on the frontline of malaria research at CDU

    Each year, malaria infects more than 200 million people across the globe, with more than 400,000 of those people losing their fight with the deadly disease. Damian Oyong is on the frontline with research that could improve the lives of millions. 

  • Hao smiling

    Hao’s honing in on microwave photonic technology

    After studying at Tianjin University of Technology and working as an electronics engineer for big brands like Samsung and Honeywell, Hao moved from China to Darwin to study a Master's degree at CDU. He's now working towards his PhD in microwave photonic signal processing.

  • CDU student Dina Widyaputri Kariodimedjo on a loom

    Can copyright laws protect Indonesia's unique batik art?

    Dina wanted to find a way of safeguarding and protecting the cultural assets and traditions of her Indonesian homeland. So, she moved from the bustling city of Yogyakarta to Darwin to pursue a Higher Degree by Research (HDR) at CDU to do just that. 

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