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Admission requirements

For VET, undergraduate, and postgraduate study.

Pathways to study

Learn about the different ways you can gain entry into CDU.

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander pathways

Student and course types explained

Confused by all the terminology? Let us explain.

Specific information for

  • If you have already completed some study or have relevant professional experience, you can apply for Advanced Standing.

    Advanced standing, also referred to as exemption, is credit applied to your course of study based on prior achievement.

    If approved, you’ll reduce the total number of units you need to complete for your course.

    Advanced Standing applications can take up to four weeks to process, so it’s a good idea to apply as soon as you accept your offer.

    Visit Advanced Standing for more information.

  • Studying with CDU in Australia is a rewarding and life-changing experience.

    CDU provides students with a variety of pathways to advance their education. From English language programs to Vocational Education and Training (VET), university degrees and PhD programs, you can find a pathway to suit your needs.

    Explore study pathways for international students.

  • You don't have to wait until you've finished school to experience university life; there are many opportunities for students who are still at secondary school.

    And if you are a parent looking for more information, our Schools Engagement website has information specific to high school students on courses, scholarships, accommodation and more.

    Visit Schools Engagement for more information.