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Support student scholarships and experience

Supports students - giving

Student scholarships

At CDU we believe that education is for everyone. You can give a helping hand to a high-achieving student who couldn't otherwise attend university because of disadvantage, distance or disability. 

Scholarships change lives and allow CDU to recruit the best and brightest students, regardless of their financial means.

First Nations scholarships

The First Nations Scholarships Fund aims to improve access to tertiary study and facilitate  better higher education outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.

The fund will reduce the financial burden on ATSI students and create stronger foundations for student success, by ensuring they have the tools they need to excel in their chosen field of study. 

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Regional scholarships

CDU Regional Scholarships aims to reduce the challenge of distance facing students who live in isolated and remote places, by providing them with access to CDU educational opportunities via scholarships.

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Refugee scholarships

The Refugee Student Scholarships Fund will allow CDU to respond to emerging humanitarian crises by offering scholarships to support the tuition fees, books and living expenses of students who have been forced to leave their country to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster.

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General Scholarships Fund

Our General Scholarships Fund is held perpetually and allocated to new and existing scholarships as required.

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Supporting student experience

You can also help enhance the student experience by supporting student initiatives and programs. At CDU, we value educational experiences that extend beyond the lecture theatre.

Supporting Students Fund

Your gift will allow talented and determined students to overcome barriers to study at CDU. It will also provide students with opportunities and experiences that prepare them for a life of leadership and learning.

The Supporting Students Fund is held perpetually and allocated to existing and emerging student initiatives and programs as required.

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  • Friends of CDU

    Friends of CDU

    Friends of CDU builds on the legacy created by the former CDU Foundation to enhance the relationship between our University and the community. The support we receive helps fund scholarships, research initiatives, language and culture programs and other activities that benefit the university and its students.

    As a Friend of CDU, you have access to exclusive events and opportunities to engage with the university’s faculty, staff, and students.

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  • Menzies

    Support Research

    Through our institutes and centres, in collaboration with national and international institutions, our researchers work to solve problems, advance knowledge and pursue innovation that makes people’s lives better.

    Donations can be made directly to research centres or a research program of your choice.

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  • Greek guardians

    The Guardians of Greek Language and Culture

    Established in 2012, the Guardians of Greek Language and Culture (more commonly known as The Greek Guardians) has worked together with the Northern Territory’s Greek community to secure the University’s Greek Language and Culture Program.

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