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College of Indigenous Futures, Education and the Arts


Our College has a vibrant research culture. Members of the College, its research institutes, and DLabs undertake necessary research that seeks to positively impact the lives of people and culturally diverse communities.

Key areas of research for the College include:

  • Contemporary Indigenous Knowledge & Governance – designing new institutional and governance practices.
  • Demography & Growth Planning – focused on dynamic remote and sparsely populated areas.
  • Evaluation and Knowledge Impact – evaluating public service delivery strategies, policy and community partnerships.
  • Regional, Economic and Workforce Development – exploring integrated and sustainable regional and economic development in diverse contexts.
  • Educational contexts - institutions, workplaces and the community, and how we support aspirations for diverse people, places, partnerships and programs.
  • Educational programs – EdTech, data literacy and digital futures, wellbeing and harm prevention programs, the diverse nature of teachers and learners and questions of equity.

Higher Degree by Research (HDR)

Consider expanding your knowledge by pursuing a Higher Degree by Research at CDU. We're committed to research that explores emerging social, cultural and economic issues in challenging contexts.


The College of Indigenous Futures, Arts & Society supports research students in a broad range of areas. The right supervisor can help you develop your project outline and provide the support needed to help you complete your degree.

The HDRwebsite can help identify research-active CDU staff who are registered to supervise HDR projects.

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We're looking for prospective students

Available Postgraduate Projects

We welcome prospective research students to undertake their research journey at the College of Indigenous Futures, Education and the Arts

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Our key research institutes and D-labs:

  • Northern Institute

    Northern Institute

    At NI we are driven to make positive differences to communities, society and policy through robust and independent research. 

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  • Luci's art

    ART Lab

    We aim to develop innovative approaches to teaching and research around the role of artistic creativity and cultural innovation in human societies.

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  • Indigenous Knowledge at CDU

    Inspire Lab

    We aim to ensure Indigenous knowledge traditions, authorities and protocols are respected, valued and enacted.

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T H R I V E: Transforming Human Resilience in Vulnerable Environments.


We focus on building scientific foundations for developing resilient, adaptable and sustainable communities.

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