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Partnership brings new hope to short course market

Dr Teresa Schwellnus
Asia Pacific College of Business and Law Head of Business VET, Dr Teresa Schwellnus

Charles Darwin University has begun delivering short courses to regional Territorians under a Memorandum of Understanding with the Chamber of Commerce Northern Territory that promises to allow both agencies to better meet market need.

CDU’s Asia Pacific College of Business and Law Head of Business VET, Dr Teresa Schwellnus said partnerships such as this were essential for maximising opportunities in regional centres.

“Both agencies are determined to see regional Territorian entrepreneurs flourish and this partnership brings together the NT’s largest registered training organisation with the largest industry association in the NT,” Dr Schwellnus said.

“CDU will provide customised face-to-face training in workplace relations, workplace health and safety and business short courses to members of the Chamber of Commerce NT.

“We delivered a suite of three first-line management short courses in Alice Springs this week to Chamber members and other people seeking to build skills and improve their knowledge and understanding.

“The emphasis will be on providing sound practical knowledge that can be applied in the real-world to enhance workplace management relations.”

Dr Schwellnus said the MOU provided scope for an extension of course delivery to all major regional centres and potentially to some remote communities.

“We are also examining how we might create a pathway from short course participation to full certificate programs, and how we might make available courses from other disciplines.”

Chamber of Commerce Northern Territory Chair Karen Sheldon said the anticipated synergies from the partnership were a step in the right direction for the short course training market in the NT.

“Between us we will better fulfil market requirements through enhanced ability to listen and adapt to market need, and by broadening training offerings to fill gaps in the market,” Ms Sheldon said.

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