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Researcher hunts for Darwin’s spookiest spots

Dr Krissy Wilson considers the paranormal with a ghost and alien in the background.
Anomalistic Psychologist and CDU Lecturer Dr Krissy Wilson is investigating paranormal activity in Darwin and is on the search for potential spooky locations.

Darwinites are being urged to share their spookiest spots and most haunted local hangouts for a new Charles Darwin University research project.

Anomalistic Psychologist and CDU Lecturer, Dr Krissy Wilson has spent years studying the paranormal and supernatural.

Her work has taken her to “haunted” places around the world and now she is keen to explore paranormal activity in Darwin.

“Do you ever walk into an old building and feel the chills?” Dr Wilson said. “Or get a sense of a ‘bad’ atmosphere, something you cannot put your finger on, but you feel a residual electricity in the air?

“If so, you are just the person I am looking for.”

Dr Wilson is on the hunt for local locations that, for no obvious reason, can make people feel uncomfortable.

“Many people experience chills and temperature drops in places that are said to be haunted,” she said.

“I want to investigate whether certain people are biologically disposed to experiencing these sensations.”

Dr Wilson said belief in paranormal phenomena was common across all cultures and societies.

“I’m particularly interested in the psychology behind why people believe,” Dr Wilson said.

“Why is it that so many of us, across all cultures and societies, believe in the paranormal and supernatural, without any verifiable evidence?”

To suggest a spooky location or find out more abut the research, please email