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Teaching Capabilities Statement

What is the Teaching Capabilities Statement?

  • A short statement in response to three set questions used to demonstrate suitability for study and work in the teaching profession.
  • Compulsory for all individuals applying to Initial Teacher Education courses.
  • One statement can be submitted per application and once submitted, the statement cannot be modified.
  • Applications will not be considered for Initial Teacher Education courses until the statement is submitted.
  • If choosing to copy and paste a statement from another source, we recommend the applicant / agent check for any potential formatting or spelling errors before submitting the statement, as it will not be possible to update a statement once submitted.

Teaching Capabilities Statement

Submitting the Teaching Capabilities Statement

  • Regard each question as important and address each one individually.
  • Where possible, address each of the capabilities.
  • Provide evidence where possible for a statement (i.e do not write "I have strong resilience in life and deal with challenges happily, instead write "my resilience is demonstrated by the fact that during year 12 I was sick for a month with glandular fever and...")
  • Evidence is sometimes relevant to more than one capability - it is acceptable to include relevant examples in addressing more than one capability.
  • Keep to the word limit of between 400 - 600 words.