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College of Engineering, IT & Environment

Information Technology

Develop in-demand skills across multiple IT sectors.

When you study Information Technology at CDU you will immerse yourself in our interactive learning environment and use state-of-the-art technologies and methodologies to prepare for a career in your chosen field.

Demand is our top priority; we decide what courses we are going to run based on industry intel and employment opportunities. 

Cyber Security

Cyber security is one of the hot topics right now. With the rapid growth in technology-related crimes, Individuals, businesses and government face serious threats from hackers, breaches and compliance issues.

Software Engineering

Software engineering students work with a variety of programming languages, such as C++ and Java. Senior projects and internships provide students with the ability to solve real-world problems and often lead to job offers after graduation. 

Data Science & Information Systems

Our data science courses will equip you with the technical and analytical skills needed to manage Information Systems' data and gain useful insights from massive data sets in these systems. Students will develop an understanding of how to use technology for efficient and effective data collection, conversion, analysis, visualisation and interpretation in Information Systems.

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