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First Nations Pathways and Engagement

First Nations Pathway Pre Enabling Program Opening

The First Nations Leadership actively commits to developing innovative programs informed by local and national agendas to increase student participation and success. Collaborating across the Colleges, the First Nations Pathways and Engagement team facilitates pre-programs for pathways into university for First Nations people.

A major project in the portfolio is the  Bidjipidji School Camp, initiated in 2021, and, due to its success is now held yearly. These camps aim to assist senior First Nations students in building confidence, supporting their ongoing aspirational growth, and establishing a culturally safe environment for living and studying on the university campus.

Named after the Larrakia word for dragonfly, Bidjipidji was specifically gifted by Larrakia Elders to support the program. Symbolising enlightenment and illumination, the dragonfly serves as a guiding metaphor for students as they experience and are exposed to various aspects of university life for the first time.

First Nations pathway and engagement

First Nations Pre-Program

CDU offers a range of full-time intensive study programs, providing a supported pathway to prepare First Nations students for university study. You can choose a program that matches your interests, such as health, arts, humanities, teacher education, science, technology, law, business, or accounting.

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Manager, First Nations Student Support: Barbara Baugh | email | Staff profile

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