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CDU Global

So many new students seek out the support of agents, and we know just how much value you add to each international study experience. In order to help us get you in contact with the correct people and provide you with the correct information, please select the option below that best suits you. 

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Regional and Country Marketing Managers

Please contact the Regional or Country Marketing Manager in your location.



Contact details

Cheryl Brennan

Australian Onshore, Pacific region and Korea, Europe, and the Americas

Mobile: +61 472 843 462

Emily Gan

China, Hong Kong and Taiwan

Mobile: +86 186 1732 5015
WeChat: emily336354
Skype: emilygzm

Girish Iyer

South Asia

Mobile: +91 8866 335 67

Gloria Adrover Indonesia, South-East Asia (exc Vietnam), Middle East, and Africa Email:
Phone: +61 8 89467681
Giang Vietnam Email:
Phone: +84 904 413 986