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Talent release form individuals

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Charles Darwin University (CDU) wishes to use your photograph, image, words, artwork, video or audio recording.

By signing this form, you give CDU permission to use any of these items in any way without your further permission.

CDU will, wherever possible, have regard for your cultural, family and personal sensitivities.

Reason for photos / videos (required)
Does the talent identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander? (required)
Is the talent a CDU staff member? (required)
Is the talent under the age of 18? (required)
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I, as the parent or guardian, consent to and authorise CDU, and all persons acting with their authority, to use, reproduce, distribute and publish the talent’s photograph, images, words, artwork, or video or audio recordings for any purpose, including editorial, trade and advertising.

I agree that CDU may do any of these things using any format, in full or in part and with any form of alteration without restriction. 

I release CDU and all persons acting with their authority from any claims or liability relating to CDU’s use of talent’s photographs, images, words, artwork, or video or audio recordings.

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By submitting this form you agree for us to collect your personal information.  Please refer to our Privacy notice for more information.

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