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CDU outlines 22 policy requests for next NT Government

Charles Darwin University (CDU) Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Scott Bowman has been appointed as the new Alliance Executive Chair for the Guangzhou International Sister-City Universities network.
Charles Darwin University Vice-Chancellor Professor Scott Bowman said the policy requests align with the University's Strategic Plan.

Charles Darwin University (CDU) has outlined a series of education, infrastructure, economic, cultural and science policy requests for the next Northern Territory Government. 

The University has compiled a list of 22 policy requests and delivered it to all Members of the Legislative Assembly in the leadup to the 2024 Northern Territory General Election. 

The policy requests fall under six key areas: education that underpins economic growth, engagement in science as a catalyst, First Nations leadership, enabling high-priority economic opportunity, promoting liveability in the NT, and infrastructure needed to meet a growing economy and activated population. 

Requests include ongoing funding of the Remote Aboriginal Teacher Education Program, installing a Chief Scientist for the NT, creating a Traditional Uses Forest in Katherine, developing a pilot plant for Northern Australia Food Technology and Innovation, supporting rural placement scholarships for allied health students in the NT, and developing a campus in the Alice Springs CBD. 

CDU Vice-Chancellor Professor Scott Bowman said the requests align with CDU’s Strategic Plan, and allow the University to be best positioned to support the training, degree education, and research needs of the NT and its people. 

"We have always been a university of and for the Territory, and we believe these 22 policy requests will help Charles Darwin University to continue to be for the Territory,” Professor Bowman said. 

“Education underpins progress. Charles Darwin University is one of the most important universities in Australia and if we’re to achieve our goal of creating positive intergenerational, societal, scientific, and economical change, we must seize the types of opportunities listed in our Call to Action.” 

Professor Bowman thanked the current NT Government for its support to deliver two of the policy requests: committing to advocate for Commonwealth Supported medical places for the CDU Menzies Medical Program, and committing funding to continue the Remote Aboriginal Teacher Education program which received $2 million in the 2024-25 Budget. 

“For years a locally run medical program was considered too difficult and out of reach. The University worked hard to challenge this notion and make this aspiration a reality,” Professor Bowman said. 

“The CDU Menzies Medical Program will drive invaluable change in the Northern Territory, and existing initiatives such as the Remote Aboriginal Teacher Education program are having profound impacts in our communities. We want to continue create this kind of impact with the remaining policy requests.” 

Charles Darwin University: A call to action for the next Northern Territory Government

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