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Hunt on for alumni group after time capsule unearthed

Time capsule shirt
International House Darwin students Huiting (Tina) Shen and Samith Eranda with the “25 Year Club” shirt

More than 60 members of a Charles Darwin University alumni group called the “25 Year Club” are being asked to come forward after the unearthing of a signed polo shirt which was buried for almost a quarter of a century. 

The shirt, which contained 66 signatures, was the most notable object retrieved from a time capsule dug up last month by International House Darwin (IHD) staff members and students.  

Buried in October 1995, the remaining artefacts in the capsule were unrecognisable after the PVC container holding them sprung a leak due to the ravages of Darwin’s wet season. 

CDU Student Accommodation manager Dr Philip Mosely said despite being a little worse for wear, the shirt had been restored to almost pristine condition. 

“After a lot of delicate cleaning, the shirt revealed 66 signatures - IHD residents and staff had signed their names and called themselves the ‘25 Year Club’,” Dr Mosely said.  

“The residents’ names have been transcribed and we are endeavouring to match them with known details for alumni.

“If you signed the shirt or know someone who may have, we encourage you to come forward - there’s an alumni group just waiting for a reunion.”

The framed polo shirt is now on display in IHD’s Multicultural Room.

Dr Mosely said current IHD residents and staff were gathering items for a new time capsule which would soon be sealed for another 25 years. 

“Items that will go into the new capsule will include a modern CDU polo shirt, which will feature the signatures of today’s residents and staff at IHD,” he said. 

“The capsule container is being specially built from stainless steel, to ensure its contents are securely preserved. “It will be located above ground in a weather-proof setting and will only be opened in 2045.” 

The new time capsule is expected to be sealed in the coming months. 

If you signed the shirt or know someone you may have, you can contact IHD at