Professor Keith Christian

PhD (Zoology)

Course Coordinator

Research interests

  • Physiology and ecology in general, with emphasis on the physiological and behavioral adaptations of animals in response to the physical environment.
  • Principal research areas include comparative physiology, biological control, physiological ecology, thermoregulatory biology, animal energetics, and biophysical ecology.


I have supervised about 20 PhD and MSc students working on a range of ecological and physiological topics of amphibians and reptiles. I have also supervised projects involving the use of weaver ants as biological control agents in tropical tree crops.


  • Professional Skills (for Honours students)
  • Organisms and Environmental Change
  • Ecological Physiology

Recent significant publications (2005 - current)

Book chapters

Green, B, Christian, K. 2007. Field metabolic rates (FMRs) and water fluxes in free-living varanid lizards: A review.Pp. 240-246 in 'Advances in monitor research', Horn and Bahme (eds). Mertensiella.

Refereed Journal Articles

Firth, B., K.A. Christian, I. Belan, D. Kennaway. 2010. Melatonin rhythms in the Australian freshwater crocodile (Crocodylus johnstoni): a reptile lacking a pineal complex? Journal of Comparative Physiology Part B. 180:67-72.

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Refereed Conference Papers

Peng, R.K., Christian, K. 2006. Green ants as biological control agents in agroforestry. 31pp. In Bevege, D.I., Nikles, D.G., Dickinson, G. and Skelton, D.J. (eds). 2006. Where to from here with R&D to underpin plantations of high-value timber species in the seasonally-drytropics of northern Australia? Proceedings of a Workshop held 9-11 May 2006, Townsville Queensland. Published as a CD ROM by Private Forestry North Queensland Association Inc., Kairi, Q


Peng, R. and K.A. Christian. 2010. Ants as biological control agents in the horticultural industry. Box 7.2 in 'Ant Ecology', L. Lach, C.L. Parr and K.L. Abbott (eds.) pp. 123-125. Oxford University Press, New York.

Professor Keith Christian


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