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Research and Innovation

Higher Degree by Research student internships

Utilise research skills and improve your career preparedness through a short-term industrial internship
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An internship needs you to complete a research project or devote time to gaining experience in a professional setting. The research you undertake will be relevant to your research topic or your skills to carry it out.

The University strongly recommends you explore an internship opportunity early in your candidature, ideally within the first 18 months for full-time equivalent candidates. You may choose to complete the industry internship at any point throughout your course prior to your thesis submission.

If you wish to complete an industry internship, we recommend that you start planning early in your degree, even if you want to finish it later. You may want to consult with your supervisor, HDR internships coordinator, and the HDR team to assist you in planning and exploring how to manage the internship in conjunction with your other university and faculty milestones, coursework, goals, and research activity.

Charles Darwin University has partnered with APR.Intern to maximise the HDR internship opportunities for both domestic and international students through 3-6 month internships.

Benefits of internship for research students

An industry internship will help you advance professionally and academically. Some of the benefits of HDR internships are as follows:

  • Build skills that will help you in your research
  • Fast-Track career and enhance your CV
  • Increase employability and develop soft skills to complement research expertise
  • Create networks and acquire industry exposure
  • Flexible conditions and tailored internship arrangements

Industry Placement Duration

Depending on the requirements of the Industry Partner, internship placements last between 3-6 months. Both domestic and international HDR students from all disciplines are eligible to apply for an industry internship.

Student Information

Charles Darwin University HDR internship program aims to improve industry-university cooperation and give postgraduate research students the tools they need to succeed in a real-world setting. Students can gain an experience in the commercial application of research by taking on a brief internship. Students get a $3,000 monthly student stipend on appropriate HDR internship projects.


To be eligible for an HDR internship, students must meet the following criteria:


  • You are enrolled in a higher degree by research course
  • You are a domestic (Australian citizen or permanent resident), or an international student with the appropriate student visa

If you are unsure whether you are eligible to apply for the HDR internship, please contact

Academic Supervisor Information

Academic Supervisors play a crucial role in the success of each HDR internship project. The Academic Supervisor, typically a student’s principal PhD supervisor, directs and leads the student towards the project’s research goals. Academic Supervisors can speed up R&D and develop relationships by engaging directly with the industry. Academic Supervisors are also compensated for managing appropriate HDR internship projects.

Benefits of an HDR intership for the industry partner

  • Rapid turnaround and accelerated innovation (project outcomes are stated in the project plan, and the students are tracked with milestones during the project)
  • CDU academic assistance in identifying problems and proposing solutions
  • Access to valuable new research talent
  • The chance to fill the current skill gaps in the industry
  • Flexibility in project design, including the ability to scope and complete follow-up tasks for larger projects and grants as well as work inside larger projects

Industry partner can express their interest in HDR internship by completing the following EOI:

Industry partner can also contact at


How it works for CDU research students

CDU research students can either self-source an HDR internship or apply to any advertised research internship through APR.Intern. To apply APR.Intern internship opportunities:

  1. Eligible research students submit their applications to APR.Intern – either by applying directly to an internship currently being advertised, or by submitting a General Application, which APR.Intern keeps on file for future opportunities. More information on both processes here:
  2. If you responded to an advertised internship, APR.Intern will be in touch with next steps. If you submitted a General Application, APR.Intern will cross-check your application and skillset against upcoming projects.
  3. If you are short-listed for an internship, you will be interviewed by the Industry Partner (APR.Intern and CDU HDR Internship Team will assist with interview preparation).
  4. Students that are offered an internship will then refine the internship’s project plan with the Industry Partner and their Academic Mentor.
  5. Once the agreement and project plan is signed off, it’s full steam ahead!

If you have a prospective industry partner and/or student in mind that would benefit from this program, please contact the Office of Research & Innovation to assist with the process.

    Further Enquiries

    For more information, please get in touch with the Office of Research & Innovation at

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