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                        Together, we’re stronger

At Charles Darwin University our many partnerships are vital to our strategic aims as well as to the economic growth of our region. Our collaborations bring many diverse benefits, from supporting vocational and higher education to building collaborative commercial ventures.

Strong partnerships are also essential to our research. When we draw from a range of sources with specialist knowledge and differing viewpoints, we all benefit. We welcome research partners including governments, professional associations, private enterprise, the community, and other research, training and educational providers.

The Northern Australian Fire Information system developed by Charles Darwin University is a critical management tool for the pastoral industry. It informs how we conduct controlled burns; infrastructure planning; estimating paddock stocking rates; collecting detailed images of remote areas; understanding previous fire history; and planning and response in bush fire incidences.

Paul Burke, former CEO of the Northern Territory Cattlemen’s Association.


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CDU Strategic Plan 2021-2026

CDU's new strategic plan will set out our roadmap for the next five years towards a post-pandemic recovery where we will be Australia's most connected university by being courageous and making a difference in the Northern Territory, Australia and

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