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Find out how a scholarship can help you while you study

CDU is committed to providing opportunities to students through our scholarship program. Scholarships are sponsored by individuals, businesses, government, community groups and the university to assist students with the financial burden of studying.

Explore our Scholarships Finder to see what you may be eligible for. 

Scholarships are open to students currently enrolled at CDU and those who have applied for a place at CDU.

Scholarships guide

Find out all you need to know about applying for a CDU scholarship.

Scholarships key dates

    Scholarship Applications - Round 1: 13 January – 3 March
    (Round 1 includes: Enrolment in Sem 1, SP1-2, and Term 1-2)

    Scholarship Applications - Round 2:  15 June – 11 August
    (Round 2 includes: Enrolment in Sem 2, SP3-4, and Term 3-4)

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Scholarship ceremony

Scholarship ceremony for 2021 - TBA.

Notification to applicants

All applicants will receive an email notification regarding the outcome of their application.

Students who are receiving certain Commonwealth Benefits are recommended to advise Services Australia that you will be receiving a scholarship and the amount to be received to ensure your payments are calculated correctly. Please refer to the ‘Exempt equity and merit-based scholarships’ section, the online guide to Social Security or contact Services Australia.

You can learn more about the taxation conditions of your scholarship by using the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) scholarship tool.

Assessment of applications

Your application will be assessed by a Scholarship Selection Panel. If your application includes a work placement you may be required to attend an interview.

Awarding of scholarships is based on the eligible applicants’ response to selection criteria and interview, if applicable. The decision of awarding the successful recipient is at the sole discretion of the Selection Panel and is final and cannot be overturned.

Assessments will be completed by the end of April for Semester 1 and the middle of September for Semester 2.


Scholarship finder

The finder will assist you in identifying scholarships where you may meet the eligibility criteria. Please ensure you check the criteria for each scholarship before applying.

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Student story

Scholarships helped give me confidence and motivation. They gave me the ability to study and spend time with my son. I felt that if someone else believed in me and I was doing well enough to receive a scholarship, I could excel and graduate.

Rikki Bruce
Mechanical Engineering

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8 tips to ace your scholarship application

Think a scholarship’s not for you? Think again. At CDU, students are awarded scholarships for a whole range of reasons. In short, opportunities abound. So, explore CDU’s scholarship opportunities, find the right ones and consider these eight tips for nailing your application.

8 tips to ace your scholarship application


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