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Turn old skills into new qualifications

For as little as $95, you can apply for Recognition of Prior Learning to have your experience counted towards a vocational training qualification  which means you won't have to re-learn what you already know. 

Volunteered with your local footy team? Started, but didn't finish, another training course? Worked in the industry for a couple of years? It may count.

To seek Recognition of Prior Learning for a vocational training course at CDU, simply lodge an expression of interest and we'll be in touch to discuss your options. 

Get started with RPL

How RPL works at CDU

Recognition of Prior Learning is a process that determines whether the skills, knowledge and experience you've gained through your previous study, work or life experience can count towards a vocational training qualification at CDU. 

Based on this experience, you may be able to partially or completely qualify for a certificate or diploma, without having to undertake further study. 

RPL is a seven stage process at CDU. Get started by expressing your interest.

Step 1 Submit an expression of interest for RPL. Step 2 We arrange a phone call or meeting to discuss your experience, RPL options and fees. Step 3 You complete an application form,  15-minute self assessment and pay  the RPL application fee of $95. Step 4 You provide evidence of your experience so we can assess your skills. Step 5 We apply recognition for your skills toward all or part of a vocational training course and provide a training plan for any skills gaps. Step 6 You complete 'gap training' with a

RPL is available for most vocational training courses

Frequently asked questions

From what experience counts to what to expect, here are the answers to the most commonly asked questions about RPL. 

How long do I have to have been working before applying for RPL?

You don't need to have a set number of months' or years' work experience to apply for RPL. Rather than focusing on how long you've been working, we consider how developed your knowledge and skills are for managing and solving problems in different situations at work. 

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Will my previous qualifications count towards RPL?

Yes, possibly. We'll ask for more information when you apply and consider if we can support a credit transfer from previous studies. 

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I've been working for the same organisation for a few years. Is this enough to gain RPL?

This will depend on the level of knowledge and skills you have developed in that time. Your time spent working in an organisation is not enough evidence alone to grant RPL. We will need to see that you're competent in specific activities, which will form part of your application and assessment process. 

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How is it possible to get a qualification without attending all formal training? Is the qualification recognised?

Yes, a qualification you gain through RPL is the same as any gained through study elsewhere in Australia. 

The RPL process is formally recognised by the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF). 

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What are the benefits to my employer of supporting me through RPL?

By supporting you through RPL, your employer has an opportunity to make their business more productive, responsive and profitable. 

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What do I do if I can't find copies of supporting documentation or evidence?

Talk to your assessor about what documentation you do have available. They can provide advice on the range of activities we can undertake to determine your skill level. 

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