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NT Academic Centre for Cyber Security and Innovation


Meet our team
Academic staff

Prof. Mamoun Alazab

He is a full Professor at the Faculty of Science and Technology, and the Inaugural Director of the NT Academic Centre for Cyber Security and Innovation (ACCI) at Charles Darwin University, Australia. He is a cyber security researcher and practitioner with industry and academic experience. His research is multidisciplinary and focuses on cyber security, data analytics, and digital forensics with a focus on cybercrime detection and prevention.

Dr. Mamoun Alazab


Prof. Indra Abeysekera

Dr. Indra Abeysekera is in the top 2 per cent of academics in the fields of accounting, and business and management in the world and has published hundreds of articles on emotional capital, intellectual capital, integrated reporting, financial and non-financial accounting, knowledge management, and accounting education. Dr. Abeysekera was a Visiting Professor of Accounting at the Shanghai University of International Business and Economics, before joining CDU.

Dr. Indra Abeysekera


Dr Shahd Al-Janabi

Dr Shahd Al-Janabi works at the Defence Science and Technology Group (DSTG) as a cognitive and behavioural scientist and now works with Joint Health Command (JHC) as a Health System Insights Manager. She is studying the impact of augmented reality (AR) interfaces on soldiers that move on foot, she used human factors to inform the way in which AR displays could be designed for the Army.

image of Shahd Al Janabi



Dr. Sami Azam

After starting his career as a biomedical engineer, Dr. Sami Azam has brought his knowledge of technology and engineering to better understand the relationship between the brain and the body to the broader applications of artificial intelligence, deep thinking, and advanced signal processes.  Dr. Azam is a world-respected biomedical engineer whose expertise is sought after across the globe. 

Dr. Sami Azam


Prof. Steven Bird

Prof. Bird works at the Northern Institute in Darwin conducting research into the technological evolution of the world’s languages.  If that doesn’t sound unique enough, Dr Bird has conducted that research on endangered languages in West Africa, South America, Central Asia, Melanesia, and Australia.  He was a Visiting Professor at the University of California Berkeley in the Department of Linguistics before joining the Northern Institute at Charles Darwin University.

Dr. Steven Bird


Prof Friso De Boer

He is a professor with the  Faculty of Science and Technology, his main research interest is the detection of abnormalities in biosignals. Processing methods include time-frequency analysis, wavelet analysis, mathematical modelling and various forms of artificial intelligence, including machine learning techniques and neural networks. Applications include electroencephalogram (EEG) signals for binaural hearing research, acceleration photoplethysmogram (APG) and electrocardiogram (ECG) signals for heat stress detection and detection and prediction of breast cancer, cardiovascular disease and kidney disease using various forms of artificial intelligence.

Image of Professor Friso De Boer



Dr. Jamal El-Den

Dr Jamal El-Den has a broad, but comprehensive understanding of how social media education and user behaviour can help to protect users and systems.  He is a Senior Lecturer in Information Systems at CDU.

Dr. Jamal El-Den


Dr. Awni Etaywe

Dr. Awni Etaywe, a lecturer in linguistics and a pioneer researcher in the realm of cybercrime and cyberterrorism, is renowned for his groundbreaking work in forensic linguistics research into terrorist digital communication, hate speech and online deviance. He completed his PhD from the University of New South Wales (UNSW). Etaywe is interested in authorship attribution, profiling, disinformation campaigns, OSINT, and language crimes. His socially impactful research has garnered national and international recognition, featured in outlets like Radio New Zealand and Mirage News Australia.

Dr. Awni Etaywe


Dr. Jenny Ng

Dr. Jenny Ng has more than 15 years of experience in law.  This research has contributed to the national domain name policy in Australia. She is an expert in IP law, IT law, and ecommerce, with a specific interest in the intersection with human rights issues.

Dr. Jenny Ng


Dr. Jonatan Lassa

Dr. Lassa is a Senior Lecturer in Humanitarian, Emergency and Disaster Management. He is an interdisciplinary social scientist. His contributions to global disaster studies include macro and micro-level disaster governance,  complex network theory application in disaster management, institutions and institutionalisation framework in disaster reduction. 

 Image of Jonatan Lassa


Dr. Asif Karim

Dr. Asif Karim’s interests is applying machine intelligence in the field of blockchain and smart contracts. Some of the most innovative technologies are being developed through blockchain, and Dr Karim has developed a broad understand of its potential and application through is experience as a software engineer and developer. 

Dr. Asif Karim


Dr. Cat Kutay

Dr Cat, Cat is a Lecturer in the Faculty of Science and Technology. She is a Computer and Electrical Engineer. Cat Kutay's research is in the areas of: Indigenous knowledge management; Machine Learning for Language Analysis; Human Computer Interaction for presenting information for exploration and pattern matching; and Artificial agents for emergent narrative in games. 

Image of Dr Cat Kutay


Associate Prof  Jon Mason

Prof. Mason is in Education at Charles Darwin University’s Faculty of Arts and Society whose reputation in e-learning and the use of digital technologies in knowledge management stretches across Australia and Asia. His recent works include Artificial Intelligence and Evolution.

Dr. Jon Mason


Ms Mirjam Jonkman 

Jonkman's areas of research are biomedical engineering and health informatics with an emphasis on signal processing and machine learning (ML) for biosystems. Of particular interest are practical applications, with an emphasis on prediction, detection and modelling of abnormalities in biomedical systems, such as the binaural hearing system using EEG signals, cancer image detection and chronic kidney disease. She applied AI and ML techniques to cyber security related issues.



Dr. Cherry Narumon Sriratanaviriyakul

Dr. Cherry Narumon Sriratanaviriyakul expertise is on how technology works at an organisational level and how it then works for people, or against them. After receiving her PhD in 2018, Dr Sriratanaviriyakul has contributed a huge amount of research into technology in education and management information systems.

Dr. Cherry Narumon Sriratanaviriyakul


Prof. Simon Moss

Prof. Moss's primarily revolves around how the policies and practices of organisations can enhance the innovation, performance, integrity, and wellbeing of individuals.  In particular, I investigate which practices inspire people to feel their life and activities now are vital to their future—a feeling that enhances motivation and resilience.

Image of Professor Simon Moss



Dr. Kellie Pollard

Dr Kellie Pollard is a Wiradjuri archaeologist and research academic in the Faculty of Arts and Society at Charles Darwin University. A renowned advocate of social justice for Indigenous self-determination and emancipation in academia and research practice, Dr Pollard specialises in Indigenous epistemologies (ways of knowing), ontologies (ways of being) and axiology's (ways of doing) according to the worldviews and philosophies of Indigenous peoples. Dr Pollard develops research methodologies with Indigenous people to enact their intellectual and knowledge sovereignties on Country in Australia to decolonise critical thinking about Australia's Indigenous history, heritage and present. Dr Pollard brings to the ACCI more than twenty years experience of working with, by and for, Indigenous people affected by policies in government and non-government organisations and the university sector. 

Image of Kellie Pollard


Dr Zablon Pingo

Dr Zablon Pingo holds a PhD from the University of Technology Sydney, Pingo's expertise spans a broad range of topics, including the protection of digital privacy, the secure management of data, social informatics, and the use of big data and privacy implications. He has also conducted research on the impact of social media on privacy and the implications of emerging technologies for information security. His research takes multidisciplinary and human-centred approaches to understand users and organisations privacy and cybersecurity issues drawing from contextual integrity theories among others.  

Image of Dr Zablon pingo



Dr. Bharanidharan Shanmugam

Essential infrastructure is a high-risk target for cyber attacks, that’s why Dr Bharanidharan Shanmugam’s work in assess the cyber risk with microgrids and control systems is so vital for the NT Academic Centre of Cyber Security.  Dr Shanmugam has research extensively the microgrids in Australia and Southeast Asia on their risks to cyber attacks.

Dr. Bharanidharan Shanmugam


Associate Prof Niusha Shafi Abady

She is an Associate Professor at the CDU Faculty of Science and Technology, Sydney campus. Her key areas of expertise are design and development of smart algorithms for data analysis and interpretation, prediction of different phenomena, clustering and classification of unorganised data and creating smart decision-making systems for different applications.  She has developed expert decision-making systems for variety of applications using Artificial Intelligence in solving real-world problems. Her ultimate vision is to utilise her expertise in Computational and Artificial Intelligence for enhancing human life.

image of niusha shafi abady



Dr. Teresa Schwellnus

Dr. Teresa Schwellnus heads the Commerce and Information Technology Services at CDU TAFE.  Dr. Schewellnus uses all her skills as an educator, public speaker, mentor, and motivator in her role of creating teaching frameworks so research from the NT Academic Centre of Cyber Security and Innovation has the greatest impact.

Dr. Teresa Schwellnus


Dr. Yakub Sebastian

Dr. Yakub Sebastian’s work in data science, information retrieval and text mining at the cutting edge of his disciplines.  His expertise is vital for his role as guest editor of Frontiers in Research Metrics and Analytics.  Dr Sebastian, who is a research active lecturer at CDU, is a globally acknowledge expert in his field, with a long list of advanced technology conferences on his resume.

Dr. Yakub Sebastian


Dr. Farha Sattar

Dr. Farha Sattar is a multidisciplinary researcher with expertise in geoscience, spatial mathematical modelling, drone technology, remote sensing (RS), and geographic information systems (GIS).  Dr. Sattar is not just an academic with a long-established research career across Asia, Europe, and now Australia, but she is also a certified drone pilot and aeronautical radio operator.

Dr. Farha Sattar


Dr. Thuseethan Selvarajah

Dr. Thuseethan is a Lecturer with the Faculty of Science and Technology at Charles Darwin University in Australia. He received his PhD from Deakin University, Australia, and has contributed as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the School of Information Technology, also at Deakin University. His research focuses on machine learning, deep learning, and computer vision, with applications including emotion recognition, medical imaging, and precision agriculture. 

Dr. Thuseethan Selvarajah


Associate Prof. Akhilesh Surjan

For more than two decades Prof. Akhilesh Surjan has studied the issues of risk reduction, climate change adaptation, and urban change sustainability.  He is an internationally renowned expert in disaster management and a contributing author for the United Nation’s Global Assessment Report on Disaster Risk Reduction.

Dr. Akhilesh Surjan


Dr. Sina Vafi

Dr. Sina Vafi is a Senior Lecturer in Engineering at the CDU Faculty of Science and Technology.  As the world demands next generation high-speed broadband, Dr Sina Vafi is one if the specialists who is making it possible through his research in improving error recovery and reliability of new transmission systems.

Dr. Sina Vafi


Associate Prof Kerstin Zander

Assoc Prof Kerstin Zander, holds a PhD in Environmental and Resource Economics from the Center for Development Research (ZEF) in Bonn, Germany. Prof Zander is an environmental economist with background in agricultural science. Her research is looking at the many relationships between humans and nature. Her research aspires to increasing human well-being and sustainability while helping people cope with changing environments and natural hazards. Her research focuses strongly on quantitative research and econometric models. 

Image of Kerstin Zander


Dr. Charles Yeo

Dr. Charles Yeo is a Senior Lecturer in Information Technology in CDU’s Faculty of Science and Technology.  Along with a passion for teaching, Dr Yeo is also a strong researcher in the fields of networking, security, and app development.  Recently, Dr Yeo’s research has focused on cyber security in the health care sector. 

Dr. Charles Yeo



Scott Beven 

Scott Beven is the Deputy Director Information Technology Management and Support (ITMS) Delivery.


Administrative staff

Ms Roanne Ramsey

Program Manager

Image of Roanne Ramsey


Mr Zhaohui Wang

Support Officer

Image of Zhaohui Wang
HDR students


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