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Children's Univeristy Charles Darwin

Learning destinations

Make your mark in the Passport to Learning

Learning destinations are places and organisations to which children can 'travel' with their passport to learning. All Learning Destinations are quality assured by CU Charles Darwin (CUCD) representatives.

  • Public Learning Destinations can include places like museums, art galleries, zoos and local councils.
  • Restricted Learning Destinations are school-based clubs; for example, chess, sports, language and dance clubs.
  • Restricted Learning Destinations are only accessible to children enrolled at the participating school.

All Learning Destinations, both public and restricted, are validated by trained CUCD representatives to certify that they provide high-quality learning opportunities with content that can be linked to areas of further study.

Learning Destinations are continuously developing new activities. The best way to access current information and events is referring to the Northern Territory Learning Destination page.

Learning is dynamic, diverse and everywhere. Learning Destinations can be found across the territory. Children’s University Charles Darwin staff are constantly looking to broaden the range of experiences available at Learning Destinations.

The CUCD team are continually working to set up collaborations between Learning Destinations and connecting schools to service providers in the community.

There are also online learning activities

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