What is SafeZone?

hand safezone appSafeZone is an emergency response management smartphone application that helps your security and safety teams respond to incidents and emergencies in real time. SafeZone also supports mass communications; enterprise safety protocols and enables people to quickly summon help using their smartphone.

Download SafeZone for your 
 or Android device.



SafeZone will:

  • Provide your security team with a real-time situational view of all responders and their availability; 
  • Enable staff and students to raise an alert that immediately conveys their location to the Command Centre and all responders;
  • Show the identity and GPS location of the person calling for help; and
  • Reduce your emergency response times by up to 50%, which enables you to optimise the outcomes of incidents.

SafeZone is a free App for all Charles Darwin University (CDU) students, staff and contractors, which connects you directly to the Security and Safety teams. This app is for emergencies, but also for the times you just need some help that might include requiring an escort back to your car or assistance for those with a disability.

Other types of assistance available are:

  • Emergency Alert
  • First Aid Alert
  • Help Call

During use your phone’s location will be shared with the response team, an alert button must be pressed for this to ocurr. If you are indoors, your location may not be as precise, so keep an eye out for the responder(s) and make yourself known to them when they arrive.

Note: If you raise an alert, you must communicate with the response team, even if the alert was accidental.

Notification and Messaging

Receiving CDU Notifications is another feature of the SafeZone App. The App uses high-speed push messaging, so your emergency management or response team can send you important notifications in the case of an emergency.

Notifications may be accompanied by a loud alarm sound or in some circumstances, silent with a buzz. Be sure to follow any directions you are given, and where provided, open tap Open Link for further advice. For example, the response team has sent a message instructing you to Evacuate your building or Lockdown your building.

The message may also have a URL (web link) attached which will direct you to a page with further details.

Frequently Asked Questions

For further information, please email or download the SafeZone FAQ

Privacy of Users

SafeZone does not share your location until you send an Emergency or First Aid Alert or make a Help Call. All information that you provide as a SafeZone user is protected by federal and state privacy laws. You can read about the privacy provisions at