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CDU event

The Voice

A vision for a better future for all Australians
Presenter Professor Tom Calma AO
Contact person
Faculty of Health
Location Casuarina campus, Blue Building 1, Lecture Hall
Open to Public
Professor Tom Calma

Professor Calma’s inaugural Faculty of Health lecture will discuss the history of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ journey to be heard and to influence policy and programs that affect them, including unpacking why a Voice to Parliament and the executive government are necessary, how it might be operationalised and how it will impact all Australians.

Closing the Gap will not occur without an alignment of policies and programs by the three tiers of governments being led by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to determine priorities and co-design strategies and policies from the grassroots level.

Professor Calma will address the plethora of disinformation and misinformation being peddled by some politicians, media and members of the public and will discuss how meaningful and sustained engagement with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples will lead to better health, mental health and aged care outcomes. Empowerment and addressing the social and cultural determinants of health are the key to success.

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