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Current Students

Learning abroad

Get involved in a range of opportunities to study overseas as a part of your CDU degree.

Learning abroad programs give you a chance to experience different cultures, meet new people and grow your skills and knowledge. Studying overseas for a period of time in your degree can also enhance your career prospects once you graduate.

There are programs on offer in North America, Europe and Asia, on either a short or long term basis. Explore our list of partner universities.

Overseas study options

Semester abroad

Fully immerse yourself in a new culture by spending a semester or two studying overseas.

Choose to study 1-2 semesters overseas at one of CDU's partner universities and earn credit points towards your degree. You'll get to explore a different part of the world, enhance your career goals and broaden your university experience.

During your semester abroad you'll continue to earn full credit points towards your CDU degree and won't need to pay tuition fees to your host university. Instead, you'll continue to pay your normal CDU tuition fees and will have access to great financial support options to help cover the cost of travel and living expenses.

To find out more, contact the Learning Abroad team or learn how to apply for a semester abroad below.

Learning Abroad

Short term programs

Fast track your degree and get a global perspective on your studies when you take part in a short term program overseas.

Short term programs run for 2-4 weeks and are a great opportunity for students who may not be able to take a whole semester off to study abroad.

There are generous funding opportunities to support your international travel while studying.

Types of programs on offer:

  • Summer/Winter Schools: Generally 2-4 weeks at a partner university to earn credit for one unit at CDU. Often, you'll engage with industry experts to work on real-world problems while you learn. You'll also get to study with students from universities all around the world and have the opportunity to build great connections.
  • College Led Programs: Generally 2-4 weeks overseas with a group of CDU students and a staff member.
  • Internships: Varying in length, internships with approved companies may be available to students.

CIS Australia
CDU partners with CIS Australia to offer a range of short-term programs to students. From Japan and England to USA and Europe, check out the range of programs available.   

To discuss your short term program options and find out how to apply, please contact the Learning Abroad team:

Learning Abroad

Current opportunities

Destination Australia Cheung Kong Exchange Program

The Destination Australia Cheung Kong Exchange Program is a joint funding initiative of the Australian Government and the Chueng Kong Group. The program supports mobility for short-term study, research, practicums or clinical placements and in-country face-to-face language study. Several scholarships are available, valued at $5,500 to assist with travel and associate costs. 

View information about the scholarship and eligibility criteria. Applications are now open and close Friday 26 April 2024. Applications will need to be endorsed by your Course Coordinator.

Apply Now

2025 New Colombo Plan Scholarship Program

The New Colombo Plan (NCP) provides funding (upto $87,000) to students to travel to one or several, of the 40 countries within the Indo-Pacific region for up to 18 months to participate in study, internship and language training. The NCP is a signature initiative of the Australian Government which aims to lift the knowledge of the Indo-Pacific in Australia by supporting Australian undergraduates to study and undertake internships in the region and is intended to be transformational, deepening Australia's relationships in the region, both at the individual level and through expanding university, business and other links.

View information about the scholarship and eligibility criteria. Applications are open now and close on Friday 31 May 2024. Applications will need to be endorsed by your Course Coordinator.

Apply now

Costs and funding


OS-HELP is a deferred HELP loan for Australian students who are enrolled in a Commonwealth supported place and wish to study abroad.

In 2024, the maximum you can borrow for a six-month study period is:

  • $9,504 if you study in Asia; plus an extra $1,263 if you do Asian language study in preparation for study in Asia, or;
  • $9,504 if you do not study in Asia.
New Colombo Plan Scholarship Program

The New Colombo Plan (NCP) Scholarship Program is an Australian Government initiative that aims to strengthen knowledge of the Indo-Pacific in Australia. It encourages people-to-people and institutional relationships through study and work placement.

Scholarship recipients must undertake a study program (for at least one semester, but this can be up to two semesters in duration) for which they will receive credit at their home university (CDU).

The program also includes relevant language studies and internship/mentorship components.

To apply, send an expression of interest to

Other scholarships

Visit Australian Government International Education for a list of other government/institution scholarships you may be eligible for.

You can use the Hobsons Coursefinder as a search engine for Higher Education Research scholarship support.

Apply for a semester abroad


To apply for a semester abroad (one or two semesters) at a partner university, you will need to meet the following criteria:

  • Undergraduate students need to have achieved a minimum of 60 CDU credit points before the semester abroad begins
  • Postgraduate students need to have achieved a minimum of 40 CDU credit points before the Semester Abroad begins
  • Demonstrate a satisfactory academic record
  • You must return to CDU with 10 CDU credit points remaining
  • Study a full-time load (equivalent of minimum 30 CDU credit points) whilst abroad.
Start your application

Once you know you meet the criteria, contact the Learning Abroad team to start your application.

Learning Abroad

Assessing your application

The outcome of your learning abroad application is dependent on:

  • you meeting the eligibility criteria
  • your credit transfer being approved by your faculty
  • availability of places at the host institution.

The final decision on acceptance into an exchange program rests with the host university.

Credit point conversions

Here's a rundown of how credit points at CDU compare to universities in other parts of the world.

40 CDU credit points are equivalent to:

USA = approx. 12-15 Credits

Europe = approx. 30 ECTS

Canada = approx. 15 Credits

Japan = approx. 15 Credits

UK = approx. 60 Credits or 30 ECTS

*Other regions do not have universal credit point systems. Refer to each host university's website to determine the full-time load at that university.

Getting ready to study overseas

The Learning Abroad team at CDU will help you with all pre-departure requirements and give you ongoing advice and support throughout your study abroad. You'll also be provided with the name and contact details of the Liaison Officer at your host university.

Unit selection

You can choose from a huge range of units to study overseas, as long as you have your unit choices approved by your CDU course coordinator before departure. This is to make sure that your units will count towards your CDU course.

Some universities specialise in particular areas. We encourage you to research the universities that you are considering to find out which one best suits your area of study. You also need to check whether the units that you're interested in are being taught in English in the semester that you wish to study overseas.

As a guide, it's easier to apply for credit for elective units rather than core or specialist units. If you do wish to take a core or specialist unit, you will need to print out all the documentation and take it to your course coordinator to assess.

Staying enrolled at CDU

If you are applying for a place with one of our partner universities, you need to stay enrolled at CDU. The Learning Abroad team will advise on the equivalent CDU units to enrol in. You can do this by submitting a Higher Education Enrolment Form.

When enrolled, you can pay the fees or submit an online HECS-HELP Form as usual through MyStudentInfo.

Travel insurance

Students who travel overseas on official university activities, such as learning abroad programs, are covered by the University's corporate travel insurance policy. This cover is limited to the duration of your University activities and allows two days of cover getting to and from the set destination.

To activate the University's travel insurance, students must submit and have approved a CDU Global Learning Abroad Agreement.

To find out what the University's travel insurance covers and does not cover before departing, and organise additional personal travel insurance if required, please read CDU’s Travel Policy.

Passport and visa

The Australian Passport Office offers advice and information about applying for an Australian passport. If you already have an Australian passport, check that is has a minimum of six months validity.

A visa permits you to enter a country for a particular purpose. As consular rules are always changing, we can't advise on visas. It is your responsibility to check with the appropriate consulate about visa requirements before leaving Australia.


Smartraveller is a great source of information for all travellers and is provided by the Australian Government's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Packing checklist
  • Valid passport
  • Current visa
  • Letter of offer/admission from the host university
  • Address and contact details of the host university
  • Insurance documentation
  • At least AUD$500 or equivalent in cash
  • Other official identification such as your driver’s license
  • Any medical records (particularly of immunisations) and any necessary medical prescriptions
  • Appropriate clothing
  • Personal items such as special medications and copies of prescriptions, camera, personal computer/laptop.
Before you leave home
  • Check the validity of your passport; you must renew your passport if it has less than six months validity remaining
  • Apply for the appropriate visas using the letter of offer/admission issued to you
  • Read and understand the conditions of your visa
  • Complete the CDU Movement Request for International University Travel and have it approved as instructed
  • Obtain a copy of CDU’s Business Travel Insurance with the emergency contact number
  • Book flights and arrange any additional travel insurance required
  • Subscribe to SmartTraveller to receive travel advice for your destination. 
  • Arrange for immunisations, medications and request copies of any medical records from your doctor (if applicable)
  • Arrange access to sufficient funds and credit card
  • Organise accommodation
  • Provide primary and secondary emergency contact details in Australia
  • Familiarise yourself with CDU’s Code of Conduct - Students.
Upon arrival
  • Phone or email home to let them know you've arrived
  • Register your arrival with the International Office at your host university
  • Get to know where you will live and how to get to the campus, shops etc
  • Open a bank account
  • Attend any orientation or welcome activities organised by your host university.

Make an inquiry

If you're interested in studying abroad, the CDU Learning Abroad team can work with you to discuss your options. The team can answer any questions you have so you can start planning your next adventure.

Please email and include the following information:

  • Your name
  • Student ID
  • The degree you're currently enrolled in
  • If you're most interested in a Short Term Program, Semester Abroad or both.
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