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Faculty of Health

Remote placement (NT) application

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The Faculty of Health in collaboration with the Top End Health Service, NT Health, have a number of selected placements in remote NT communities. The intent of these placements is to offer a professional clinical experience to nursing students who may have an interest in a career within primary health care nursing in a remote setting.

Many remote communities have nurse-led health centres, that include Aboriginal Health Practitioners (AHP) and Community Workers, with doctors available by phone/fly-in fly-out or residential depending on the Community. Remote residents can often have higher levels of disease and injury, with fewer health resources available, which results in poorer health outcomes. Hence Remote Area Nurses (RANs) have increased autonomy and work under a wider scope of practice that requires advanced knowledge and skills in providing primary health care across the lifespan. All health staff in remote NT communities ie AHPs, nurses and doctors, work under the CARPA manual, (available online) which describes the broader scope of practice for RANs. 

CDU offers 3rd year nursing students the opportunity to get a glimpse into this exciting role, through a 4 week placement. For remote placements in the NT, please complete the form below. 

If you would like a remote placement outside the NT, these are sought on a case-by-case basis. Please liaise with the National Clinical Lead for Nursing, Jessica Morrissey, to discuss further.

The following links will provide you with further information that you may find useful.

Online Courses | CRANAplus‘Becoming a Remote Area Nurse: Essential Knowledge – CRANA. This increases understanding of the role of nurses in remote settings, providing you with insight into personal and professional preparation, building a sustainable career, and engaging with helpful programs and pathways.

BushTel - Remote Communities of the NT - BushTel is a central point for information about the remote communities of the Northern Territory, their people and cultural and historical influences. 

NOTE: Due to the changing demands on clinical services and/or other events such as extreme weather, travel, cultural events, staff levels, and availability of accommodation, the Remote Health Centre Manager or delegate may change or cease a student placement without notice and at complete discretion of the service.


Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible, students must satisfy the following:

  1. Currently enrolled as an undergraduate nursing student at CDU
  2. All pre-clinical compliance requirements remain current, including compliance requirements for Northern Territory Health Services
  3. A satisfactory rate of progression
  4. Successful completion of 2nd-year scope of practice clinical placement units and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health unit of study
  5. Eligible to enrol into your final year clinical placement units
  6. A demonstrated interest in a career path involving rural and remote health care

The following applicants are strongly encouraged to apply:

  • Identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander
  • Resident of the Northern Territory

Funding assistance

Some remote clinical placements may require personal funds for accommodation and travel costs.
The following organisations offer funding for remote clinical placements. Please visit the individual organisation web sites for detailed information and application processes. Unfortunately, funding assistance for international students is not available through these sources.

Please complete the below details to apply for an NT Remote Placement

Do you identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander? (required)
Do you have a health condition that may impact upon your placement? (required)

Selection Criteria

1. I am currently enrolled student in the Faculty of Health (select relevant course): (required)
2. I have successfully completed the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health unit and I am enrolled in the clinical unit relevant to my course: (required)

For Midwifery students wishing to undertake a remote placement, please contact Stacey Butcher, First Nations Academic Lead Lecturer, School of Midwifery.

3. I have a ‘green light’ for all pre-clinical requirements for clinical placement in the Northern Territory. (required)
I already have a confirmed date for my third year simulation block:
Please note: If you have not met the pre-requisites for the final year placement, please complete the Expression of Interest form  for more information on NT Remote Clinical Placement.

  • Any previous rural and remote experience (not limited to health)
  • What you would like to gain from a remote placement
  • What are your plans in pursuing a career in remote health
  • The attributes you think are relevant for remote nursing and what you think you can bring to remote nursing
5. Please indicate your transportation:
7. Do you have any dates you are unable to be on placement due to other commitments?

By submitting this form you agree for us to collect your personal information.  Please refer to our Privacy notice for more information.

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