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Creative Arts and Design

  • Indigenous woman explaining a figure drawn in the dirt to a man who is sitting with her and listening

    Why an Arts degree is worth studying

    Is an arts degree worth it? It’s a question you might be asking yourself as the Australian Government proposes to re-direct funding from Arts degrees to degrees in health, education, science and technology. It absolutely is, says Dean Ruth Wallace. 

  • Ally studying from a cafe

    Where do art and environmental activism intersect?

    When asked to describe herself, CDU Bachelor of Creative Arts student Allyce (Ally) Pecket digs deep: “I’m a passionate interdisciplinary eco-feminist artist who connects aesthetic creativity and narratives about social and environmental themes.” Environmental themes certainly resonate in Ally’s work.

  • Luci's art

    Luci’s art trail from Hong Kong to Darwin

    Charles Darwin University Arts student Luci Lee was always destined to follow a creative path in life. We recently caught up with Luci to find out about some local art projects she’s been involved in alongside her studies at CDU.

  • Kirstie Scullen Work in Progress

    Kirstie: A Visual Arts student drawing inspiration from her reality

    Dreaming of a career as an artist? See how Kristie Scullen, a Visual Arts graduate of CDU, made it her reality. Read about her motivations, influences, and how she grew creatively through her studies, life experience and perception of the world. 

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