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Meet CDU's Indigenous female Trailblazers

From its very foundations, Indigenous women have contributed to making this University what it is today – they have inspired, driven change and shown pathways for staff and students, and we proudly acknowledge them all. Read the inspiring stories of eight such amazing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women who walked ahead, but always together.

meet cdu indigenous female trailblazers from naidoc week
  • Damian smiling in front of his project

    Damian's on the frontline of malaria research at CDU

    Each year, malaria infects more than 200 million people across the globe, with more than 400,000 of those people losing their fight with the deadly disease. Damian Oyong is on the frontline with research that could improve the lives of millions. 

  • Hao smiling

    Hao’s honing in on microwave photonic technology

    After studying at Tianjin University of Technology and working as an electronics engineer for big brands like Samsung and Honeywell, Hao moved from China to Darwin to study a Master's degree at CDU. He's now working towards his PhD in microwave photonic signal processing.

  • CDU student Dina Widyaputri Kariodimedjo on a loom

    Can copyright laws protect Indonesia's unique batik art?

    Dina wanted to find a way of safeguarding and protecting the cultural assets and traditions of her Indonesian homeland. So, she moved from the bustling city of Yogyakarta to Darwin to pursue a Higher Degree by Research (HDR) at CDU to do just that. 

  • CDU student Sigit Sasmito taking research notes in the forest

    How Sigit is shaping Indonesian environmental policy

    There’s nothing more compelling to a researcher than knowing their work will have a real-world impact in an area of true significance. Sigit's research project into the impact of human behaviour on mangrove forests is set to define environmental policy for his home country of Indonesia. 

  • agents of foreign influence banner

    Laws expose foreign influence, but agents stay in the shadows

    With new foreign transparency laws set to come into effect, John Garrick questions the extent to which the new laws will make visible the nature, level and extent of foreign influence on Australia’s government and political process.

  • Montage image of refuge city conceptualised by CDU lecturer Ken Parish showing high rises in the background and Indigenous Australians in the foreground

    Refuge City: A new kind of city for our times

    Could an urban metropolis on Australia's northern coast that runs under its own charter provide more opportunities for the many migrants arriving in Australia?

  • Indigenous lady sitting on a rock and smiling

    Finding the elusive little people

    Tales of fairies, elves and “little people” are common folklore around the world, but despite their ubiquity they are rarely seen. Their names differ, but beliefs passed across generations are rich with stories that feature these elusive beings.South Africans talk of tikoloshe, evil dwarf-like spirits; Hawaiians have forest-dwelling menehune; the Irish speak of the mischievous leprechaun.Senior Lecturer in Aboriginal Studies Dr Curtis Roman has examined the beliefs about little people from an Indigenous Australian perspective. Growing up in Darwin in Australia’s Northern Territory, Dr Roman is a Larrakia man and first heard about little people when he was a young boy.

  • CDU Professor Sam Banks sits on the rocks at the beach with his laptop

    How I became an environmental science researcher

    Professor Sam Banks explains how he’s forged a successful career in environmental conservation research and offers advice for getting the most out of your undergraduate Environmental Science degree - especially if you’re interested in research.

  • Natural disaster

    Is there such a thing as 'natural' disasters?

    Is being vulnerable to the forces of nature entirely due to our social, economic and political decisions? This is a question Dr Jonatan Lassa, a senior lecturer in Humanitarian, Emergency and Disaster Management at CDU, explores in his research and teaching.

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