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CDU is helping futureproof a local business and its employees

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Electric NT group photo

Electric NT is a successful electrical contracting business that began operating in the Northern Territory a decade ago.

We believe that knowledge and quality work practises are the keys to longevity.

“We’ve achieved a lot for such a small business, but with the current economic climate it has been challenging for everybody in the industry,” say owners Russell and Janene Dansie.

But by sending apprentices to Charles Darwin University for training, Electric NT has met some of those challenges head on by investing in the future of its employees.

“In our business, technology is rapidly evolving and new products are constantly coming to market. We believe that knowledge and quality work practises are the keys to longevity. We want all our employees to be highly skilled and CDU has been instrumental in helping us achieve that,” says Janene.

We’ve been very impressed by CDU— by the level of professionalism, the quality of lecturers, and the training they’ve provided. All our apprentices have done extremely well at CDU.

Employee Thomas Moulds is one of the Electric NT staff who benefited from studying at CDU and he talked about his experiences.

“The workstations at CDU are really good and well-equipped. All the tools you need are right there, and the work areas look exactly like they do in a house—you have a switchboard and lights, so you can connect everything in a very realistic way,” said Thomas.

“At CDU I also used higher-end technology such as commercial and industrial controls and switchboards, as well as programmable logic controllers.

“I would do a two-week block at CDU and then apply that knowledge straight away when I got back to work, when it was all fresh in my memory. And all my CDU lecturers were really knowledgeable and very helpful. If you can’t grasp a certain topic they’ll work with you to make sure you understand it,” added Thomas.

Thomas Moulds from Electric NT
Thomas Moulds from Electric NT

“CDU really steps up to the mark,” added Janene. “Clear and regular communication between our company and CDU’s apprenticeship program has been integral to our apprentices getting the most out of their training.

“CDU gives us regular feedback on how our apprentices are going and on improvements they need to make. By integrating CDU’s courses with on-the-job training, we’ve been able to enhance our business with quality electricians. And providing consistent quality is one of the central ways our company has been able to endure in challenging times.”

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