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Study to success with Summer Semester

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If studying isn't the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear “Summer”, perhaps you haven’t heard about Summer Semester and how it can enrich the long, hot days of summertime, the year ahead and beyond. 

CDU’s Summer Semester is a third semester that gives you the flexibility to balance your summer lifestyle whilst shaping a better future for yourself and getting a head start on the year ahead. Here’s how it can help you to achieve your dreams sooner rather than later:

Keep the momentum going 

The year is not over yet, there’s still more you can achieve! Perhaps studying for a new career or following your passion was one of your new year’s resolutions but life got in the way. It happens to the best of us. Good news: as long as you're still motivated, you can begin your uni journey now with the Summer Semester, starting this November. Don’t let your goal carry over into next year. Strike while the iron is hot!

Get ahead while everyone takes a break 

With Summer Semester, you can complete your degree faster compared to the traditional pathway. For example: if you’re studying a three-year degree full time and do Semester 1, Semester 2 and Summer Semester every year, you could actually complete your degree in just two years! It’s like a short-cut to success. This is your chance to break into your new career sooner.

Spread the load across the year

Studying during Summer Semester will ease the pressure of your workload during the rest of the traditional semesters. Consider it: every unit that you take during Summer Semester is one less unit that you have to take during Semester 1 or Semester 2. You can use this extra time throughout the year to create your study space and ritual, spend more time with your family, work, focus on other units that you may find difficult or just chill out! The choice is yours.  

Make the most of the aircon

For many Australians – especially those in the tropical North – the months of November to February can actually be stiflingly hot and humid outside. Throw in some monsoon rain and possible cyclone, and you might find that Summer or ‘the Wet’ is generally spent indoors in the air-conditioning. Studying a few units over Summer Semester can be a great way to stave off ‘going troppo’ or the ‘mango madness’ that can come when you’re hiding away from the heat with only Netflix and the cricket to keep you occupied. Don’t sweat. Why not make the most of the long days, keep your brain active and start working towards achieving a degree this Summer instead?

Get more personalised support

Let’s be honest: it takes a lot of courage to start a degree or go back to study. If you’re worried about getting lost in the crowd at first, kicking off your uni journey with Summer Semester won’t be as daunting because the intake tends to be smaller. Use this to your advantage to get more personalised support from your lecturer or tutor, whether you’ve decided to study online or on campus, part-time or full time.

So why wait? Classes start this November. 

Are you thinking of studying this Summer Semester but have some concerns or just not sure which course is the one for you? Book a call-back appointment and we will contact you to discuss any questions you have.


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